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Product Display - Prezi Template

Prezi Template for showcasing your line of products. Perfect template for your business or company and displaying product information. Download from Prezibase.com

Prezi Templates by Prezibase

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Product Display - Prezi Template

Product Display
Simple Prezi Template
for presenting your products,
images, texts, logos, links,
or any other information.
Template by Prezibase.com
Example Product
This is the description area.
Add as much information as
you need. For example describe
why people need your product!
Add smaller texts for "not so important" details.
Example 2
You can use circular or rectangle
frames for your product images.

You can even add multiple
pictures into one frame
Example 3
Don't need the white frames?
Use your own product images!
You can also change the background
with an image more related to your
company or color scheme.
Presentation Title
Product Showcase
Example 4
Not limited to physical products.
Advertise your smartphone app
or other digital content.
Design Elements:
Add as many products as needed.
Rearrange the elements and
create a unique design layout.
Get this Prezi Template from:
Example 5
Present literally anything...
and with this template, you will
look Good!
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