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Transportation and Technology in the 1960's

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Perla Serrato

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Transportation and Technology in the 1960's

Technology and Transportation
in the 1960's On May 16, 1960, the first working laser was made by physicist Theodore H. Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratory in California.

In 1964, OS/360, the first computer operating system was invented by IBM (International Business Machines).With the OS/360, all of the computers in the IBM 360 family could run any software program. IBM is a huge success in the computer industry, controlling 70% of the market worldwide.

Technology Facts: In 1965, the PDP-8 was invented by Digital Equipment. It's the world's first minicomputer to use integrated circuit technology, because of its size and its $18,000 price tag, Digital Equipment sold several hundred units of them in the sixties.
Transportation Facts: During this time people began using their personal vehicles as a means of transportation. In advanced countries about 1 in 5 owned cars, so railroad companies decreased their passenger service and concentrated more on the transportation of goods. For individuals without personal transportation, trains, buses, taxis, airplanes, and helicopters were all available in the 60's. During this time Airports also expanded.

1966 Pontiac GTO Coupe

67 Rebel Convertible

1968 COPO Camaro 1968 chevy camaro super sport 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

During the early 1960's, "muscle cars" were extremely popular.
These were mid-sized cars with powerful engines that were both
fast and cheap for young buyers. By the late 1960's the muscle car's popularity died down due to
liability and problems with car accidents. Credits:
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