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Brainstorm (Ideate)

Previously: "A New Opportunity": http://prezi.com/5siykcdbgwkc/a-new-opportunity/

Marianna Ferraz

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Brainstorm (Ideate)

"A New Opportunity"
STAKEHOLDER - Young worker who is very dissatisfied with the area which works, even having attended a college in the same area
NEED - needs a way to start a new career in something he like while there's still time to change
INSIGHT - because then he'll have a better quality of life and feel good about himself and what he do.
Children are practices. If you don’t like what you do, so just look for something better;
Quit your current job. Do what you want then you’ll have more time to engage in new opportunities;
Do not cling to anything. Allow yourself to let new opportunities knock at your door;
If your problem is the location (space) then just move!
Cry. Demonstrate how you feel for the people around you. Expose yourself and others will know that you need a helping hand;
Try to have fun with little things;
Have one or more hobbies. They stimulate your creativity.

Open your own business, it is time to innovate!
Invest in a business that may attract you. Or maybe invest in stocks;
Leave home, travel! Explore new horizons;
Try again. Study out, make an exchange;
Build your own business at home;

Invisibility - Invade other companies and workplaces that attract you, listen to what others are talking and try to learn something new. Even if you need to be a stalker for this;
Teleportation - Teleport daily from home to work. Avoid traffic can make you less unhappy, really!
Multiplication - Divide you into three, four ... maybe one for each hour of the day and enjoy every minute.
Fly - The sky is the limit. Explore, venture yourself. Ideas will be there;
Super speed - Read thousands of books per day;
Eternal life - Enjoy the longevity and attend lots of colleges;
Time travel - Back in the past. Try another college. Which would you choose this time?

Try to find out what you really like;
Attend a new college;
Look for graduate studies in the area that is most interesting to you;
Start a specialized technical course (graduate course) that you always wanted;
Study harder at home. Especially when you have nothing to do;

What are the most obvious solutions for this problem?
How would a 5-year-old child solve the problem?
How would you solve the problem if you had an unlimet budget?
Try to appreciate more the routine of your work and learn to like what you do. It's an option, isn’t?
Ask a new opportunity directly to your boss;
Or change companies! Maybe you will discover that the intrigues and gossip at work ended up affecting your day-to-day;
Get notes about what people do to keep their routine. What brings them inspiration and strength?
Create a new profession. Some time ago there was no social media professional. Invent, quit obvious;

How would you solve the problem without spending any money?
How would you solve this problem if you had control over the laws of nature?
What if you think outside the box?
What if you looked around you?
Practice knowledge exchange with someone, you're not alone;
Listen to educational podcasts while you’re away from home;
Change your lifestyle;
Meet new people and places;
Open your mind to the world;
Look for people to work with you;
Ask help. Especially for your parents and friends;
Take a vacation! Maybe you just need some rest;
Get in touch with your former classmates and see where they currently live. Ask what they are doing and what direction they took;
Also search by your former teachers. Reconnecting with them can be a great experience. You might have the opportunity to share your life with them as well as learn what they have been up to;
Contact your former elementary school, high school or college.
They may be able to give you some information to assist
you with your need.

Consider your choices. Think about doing the right thing;
Practice some sport. If you're really good you can get a scholarship to a new college;
Be inspired by someone you admire very much as a famous person. If he/she did it, why can't you too?
Avoid staying up late. These things can make you lose focus on your job;
Already took a look at your curriculum? Should already be time to take a organized. Replace that weird photo from last year, add some experiences...
Be a volunteer for an event. You may not receive any money, but will gain contacts and experience. And that's what really matters;
Get a boyfriend/girlfriend! He/she may be the inspiring solution to your problems;
Get a temporary job. Anything to get you out of the routine. Being the pizza delivery guy for 2 weeks isn’t so bad!
You may not need a fixed job. Many people survive for freelance;
Be sure to think in your own ideas. Nobody better to know what is the right choice than yourself.

Problem Statement
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