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Janie Arreazola

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Subtraction

By: Janie, Nora, and Vanessa Subtraction Subtraction is the process of taking one number or amount away from another to receive the difference. What is subtraction? We simply take one number away from another.
For Example: 2 - 1 = 1
We know this is true because we know how to add and 1 +1= 2 The correct answer is 2. ANSWER: 3 - 1 = ? If Jen has 6 apples and she gives 2 to Megan,
how many does she have left? Try a harder problem... First we figure out how many she had.
Second we figure out how many she gave away.
And last we figure out how many she has left. How do we solve this problem? Math Lesson How do we subtract? Another way to check would be to draw a picture: We have 2 apples, if we take 1 away we now have how many left? Students will be able to define what subtraction is.
Students will be able to subtract 1-10
Students will be able to show different ways for subtraction Objectives Try this problem: We know this because we can say we had 3 apples and we took 1 of them away. Now we are left we 2.
Or we can say we know this is true because
2 +1 = 3. Now lets set up the equation:
6 - 2 = ? How many she had How many she
gave away How many she
has left 6 - 2 = 4 What is the answer? How do we know this answer is true?
How can we check our work? We can check it by doing 4 + 2 = 6 What does it mean to subtract?
What words mean subtract?
How can we check our work?
Any questions? Let's Review Apples
I found a lovely apple tree,
Lots of apples are for me.
I shook the tree as hard as I could,
Down came some apples, mmm they’re good.
How many apples were on that tree?
How many apples fell on me?
Seventeen apples, minus four,
I think I’ll shake it just once more.
Thirteen apples on the tree,
This time eight apples fell on me.
How many apples left upon the tree?
Count the apples and you’ll see.
The first time that I shook the tree,
Four rosy apples fell on me.
The second time I shook off eight,
So, that makes twelve minus one I ate. Each group will have :
1) an apple tree card
2) 10 mini apples
3) a writing journal

Every member must write one story in the writing journal and share the story with the class Now lets get into 5 groups of 4 4-2=2 - = GROUP ACTIVITY Everyone likes to eat Pizza! We take away slices of pizza and eat them. When we do this, we are using subtraction. _ Lets try some examples. _ = = Lets Try These... Also, make sure to write one word that means subtraction on your writing journal.
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