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21st Century Learning - A Reflection on Current Practices (2014)

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James Lee

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of 21st Century Learning - A Reflection on Current Practices (2014)

Collaborate and crowd-source!

So.. what can we do about it?

IT is just another tool.

Teaching is the most creative profession!

We are natural problem solvers!

We should teach kids to be the same

Why teachers are awesome (and irreplaceable)

How can we make learning a more personal empowering experience?

Rethinking Education

How does ICT fit into your curriculum that will best prepare students for the future?

What pedagogy & skills do we and they (students & teachers) need to learn?

What pedagogy do we and they need to unlearn?

What isn’t working and why not?

What are we doing right?


Let students demonstrate their learning their own way.

Most kids are uninspired computer game junkies with no interest in the outside world – because they don’t know what’s out there.

That’s our job!

I can show you the world..

Arts, PE and Social sciences are just as important as literacy and numeracy.

The more you know about the world, the more wonderful and amazing it becomes.

What a wonderful world

Problem solving

Critical thinking

Team work



Creativity and innovation

Focus on 21st Century Skills

Don’t get caught in the hype!

Have an enthusiastic scepticism about new technology.

Ask: How will this technology help improve teaching and learning outcomes?

We expect students to learn at set hours of the day, whether they’re ready to or not.

We expect them to sit still listening to us teachers drone on or hours without moving or talking.

We expect them to sit still doing a menial task for 1-2 hours without moving or talking.

But we can’t do it ourselves.
And we’re responsible
respectable adults.

These kids be crazy?

Rethinking Education

Did you know..

Did you know..


How the world has changed.

Rethinking education

What doesn’t work

Strategies and ideas to share and try

Staff ICT Survey


By James Lee

21st Century Teaching
A reflection on current practices

Complete the staff ICT survey already emailed to you.

Survey Time!

It starts with you.

Teachers are the drivers of change in schools.
Don’t give them problems with instructions on how to solve it.

Give them real life problems and have them come up with ideas to solve it.

Develop Problem Solving and Creativity

There’s a right and wrong way
to use tools.

Most kids are good at IT?

What isn’t true

Using ICT to teach and assess the same way you usually do – except on screen.

ICT should NOT be used to teach the same content in a different way. It should change how we teach.

What doesn’t work

Manufacturing is dead.

Education was built to support the manufacturing age.

Need to retrain kids to prepare for the future of information and innovation age

RIP Industrial Age

The problem is that most “reform” efforts are aimed at simply doing
what we’ve been doing better,
almost exclusively in the form of
raising test scores. ”

Rethinking Education

Rethinking Education

“..information and answers are a Google
search away. Users expect to use their
technology to get their answers…except
in school.

In school, we ask them all sorts
of questions that they could answer with
their phones or laptops, but we don’t let

“Schools were built upon the idea that teachers and knowledge
and information were scarce. That is no longer the reality.”

“..we continue to see schools as the place where our children go
to master a narrow list of content, knowledge and skills..

Rethinking Education

Rethinking Education

What was the last thing you learnt/wanted to know?

How/Where did you learn it?

An independent review on K-12 Education has determined several emerging
technologies becoming mainstream in education within the next few years.


2013 Horizon Report

To reflect on current ICT practice.




Aim of today:

Start with the familiar, and then the innovative.

and then

IT not your forte?

50% things we do will be on cloud by 2015

1 in 3 people watch ALL their TV on the net?

More people in the world have phones than access to toilets?

Did you know..

“It’s the teacher’s job to point young minds
towards the right kinds of questions.

The teacher doesn’t always need to give
answers, the answers are everywhere.

And we know now from years of measurements, that learners who find the answers for themselves, retain it better than if they’re told the answer.”
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