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ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State...

No description

Courtney waldrop

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State...

What is ISIS?
ISIS= Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
ISIL= Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (basically a name for a portion of Syria)
Islamic State= you get the picture…

What is their goal?
So, What is Sharia Law?
What is the world doing about ISIS?
Still Curious?
For each video, answer the corresponding question on the back of your paper.
How did ISIS rise to power?
What's Up With ISIS?
Their goal is to develop their own country with strict Sharia Law.
Sharia Law is a set of rules from the Koran that Muslims should follow.
How does ISIS interpret Sharia Law?

Terrorist groups, like ISIS, usually have a literal interpretation- this can lead to
cruel punishments (like stoning),
oppression of women,
and other human rights violations.
Jihad is mentioned in this video...What is that?
- Translates as “struggle.” (inner struggle or outer struggle)
- Majority of Muslims don’t use the word to mean war. Just like Sharia Law, depends on how the group interprets it.
When the Iraqi dictator was ousted during the Iraq War, the government that took over wasn’t stable, effective, or very powerful.
Most governments agree that ISIS is BAD. The question is what do we do about it?
There are some “boots on the ground.”
The main people fighting against ISIS in Iraq and Syria are the Iraqi military, Kurdish fighters, and rebel groups in Syria.

This fighting is taking place on many fronts… CNN SN clip
Watch the First 3 Minutes.
Many countries are trying to help the fighters on the ground by organizing airstrikes
Why are Foreigners Joining ISIS?
Why do Women Join ISIS?

What is ISIS doing to control Education?
Could ISIS attack the US?
How does ISIS actually work?

Website 1: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/09/16/world/middleeast/how-isis-works.html?_r=1

Website 2: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/06/12/world/middleeast/the-iraq-isis-conflict-in-maps-photos-and-video.html

Some governments rule by these laws.
People interpret these laws differently
some are strict
some are not
What types of freedom does ISIS’ version of Sharia Law limit?

ISIS' version of Sharia Law would say
no separation of religion and government…
and would limit freedom of religion, speech, and assembly
When the civil war started in Syria, ISIS expanded into Syria and has been gaining territory very rapidly.
By conquering these regions, they have become very wealthy through stealing money and resources making them the richest terrorist organization in the world.
ISIS was able to take advantage of this instability by slowly taking over areas in Northern Iraq.
- In your own words, summarize how ISIS rose to power…
Some people think a full scale ground invasion is necessary to fight ISIS. Others are concerned about a ground invasion because of the difficulties of the Iraq War.
- ISIS uses the word to mean fighting against anyone that disagrees with their interpretation of Islam… even if it means killing other Muslims…
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