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All the Wrong Moves

Nutrorim Case Study on Decision Making

Rachel Rufer

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of All the Wrong Moves

All The Wrong Moves Nanci Edmond
Kevin Hannon
Stephanie Maras
Khalil Muhammad
Rachel Rufer Problems doesn’t want to appear dictatorial convenes committees to propose solutions not engaged in decision process Therefore the critical issue is... only one decision making tool is used Don needs to embrace alternative decision-making styles. Solutions Items to be addressed during a multiday retreat: self-awareness expand decision making tool set unilateral decision-making bold leadership, quick action, and divergent solutions “lookback” at the recall decision-making process Decision “intervention” identify and prioritize pending decisions inventory each decision’s components brainstorm decision-making alternatives When to apply which decision making style: inquiry-driven, committee process to major decisions time sensitive, confront conflict head-on in meetings, then employ a unilateral by group decision-making method routine decisions can be made unilaterally Questions? Possible backlash: some managers may quit But, communication and inclusion are Don’s strong suits. He will prove to be a bold leader.
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