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The Counter Culture Movement

No description

Jessica Falzon

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of The Counter Culture Movement

The American Counter-Cultural Movement
of the 1960's By Jessica Falzon Counter-Culture: the culture and lifestyle of those people, especially amongst the young, who reject or oppose the dominant values and behaviors of
society. During the 1960's, American society changed drastically! Society went from young people accepting views and values without question in the 30's and 40's. From children being 'seen and not heard' and women's primary role being in the home. ..To individuals who opposed the status quo and wanted to create change in the world There were more individuals attending university than ever before And individuals showed their opposition to society's old norms through music such as rock & roll, fashion and protests. New types of music and dancing arose, like Elvis Presley, whose gyrating hips were deemed deviant by older, conservative individuals Many significant events also occurred during the 1960's which influenced the counter-cultural revolution quite drastically ..The Vietnam war
was one of
these events The new, educated and defiant individuals of the 1960's opposed this 'pointless' war! They showed their
through protests and
draft card burnings And they also showed their defiance through returned veterans who threw away their medals of honour Martin Luther King Jr. Was also a major influence in speaking out against the Vietnam War. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King spoke in front of thousands of people in New York City, asking for the government to cease all bombing of Vietnam His charismatic and emotive public speaking skills, as well as his want to rid the world of violence allowed for MLK to appeal to the young adults of the 60's and influence them to stand up for what they believe in. The Feminist
Movement The feminist movement is another event which influenced the counter-cultural revolution greatly. As mentioned before, before the late 50's and during the 1960's women's primary roles was within the household. However these roles were broken during the 1960's when the second wave feminist movement occurred. Women were given more rights and were capable to leave their homes and go out into the workforce and obtaining equal pay Students fought for freedom of speech on College campuses This was done primarily through the University of Berkeley. It was realised there could be no true education if there was no freedom of speech. So students began protesting on campus for their freedom of speech. The 'people power' of the students was exemplified during the 1969 Berkeley protests Another important aspect of the Counter-Cultural revolution was the 'Hippies' Hippies were a significant example of the defiant and changing members of society Their free and non-violent ways represented the new values and norms. Hippies protested wars and wanted only peace for the world. Free speech, a highly original way of dressing, a modern taste in music, sex, and the recreational using of drugs all characterised hippies in the 60's These absurd ways of living highlighted their rebellion against society's norms. The summer of love! This was a social phenomenon in the Summer of 1967 where over 100,000 people flocked to San Francisco and neighboring cities to spread their message of love and peace. This event signified a major social movement and emphasised the turning of the new Hippie Counter-Cultural Movement Woodstock - 3
of peace & Music Woodstock was another major event which occurred during the 'Hippie Revolution' Woodstock was a music festival held on August 15th-18th in 1969 which brought 'hippies' together to celebrate peace Artists and bands such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who and Santana performed at this free concert to spread their message of peace. Bibliography: ‘A Timeline of Counterculture for the 1960's’ (Online) (Retrieved via Google Chrome 15/7/12)
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http://www.woodstock.com/ Thanks for Watching!
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