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The History of Fashion

No description

Jade Carrasco

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of The History of Fashion

The History of Fashion
The 80s
2000 to 2013
The 1800s
The 1800s clothes were made of "natural" light wight clothing. They had high waist line skirts and petticoats. With floor length dresses.
1800 Shoes
In the 1800s there shoes were so straight they couldn't tell which was the left or right. So it must have been hard to put them on.
The 80s Shoes
The 80s had jelly shoes and high tops which were very colorful and mostly sporty.
Today's Shoes
Our shoes have so many different variety like 12 inch high heels to flip flops to ballet flats and ugg boots.
What they both do
When both shoes and the clothes come together they make a wonderful outfit that everyone would love
They started out with light colorful clothing. Also, off the shoulder crop tops and tight mini skirts. Big hoop earrings, and headbands.
We have skinny jeans and party dresses and blazers. Our trends are known as "The Pop Age".
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