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Oedipus at Colonus: Prologue- 2nd Dialogue

No description

Rebekah Jarvis

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Oedipus at Colonus: Prologue- 2nd Dialogue

Oedipus at Colonus: Prologue- 2nd Dialogue
Figurative Language
Simile- "Like a god you have us wholly in your hands." (First Choral Dialogue line 249)

Metaphor- " [Antigone] has been with me as guide and old man's nurse." (First Episode line 343)

Personification- "And when the green-shadowed ground has drunk this cup?" (First Episode line 483)
Vocabulary and Summary
Luxuriant- adj. growing in vigor or abudance; lush in growth, as in vegetation

Stygian- adj. infernal, dark or gloomy.

Three telling events of this section:
1. Oedipus and Antigone reach Colonus
2. Oedipus demands Theseus, king of Athens, be brought to him
3. Ismene arrives at Colonus
1. Person vs. Person- Oedipus and the countryman

2. Person vs. Person- Ismene's news about Thebes
Two Most Important Continuos Pages
Open ended Question
page number- end of 106- top of 108

Main Points
-Ismene informs Oedipus about the happenings of Thebes
-Oedipus reacts with anger
-New oracle: Oedipus=Talisman
Is deceit ever justified?
Graves and Tombs
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