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Living Justice Center

No description

Valeria Gheorghiu

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Living Justice Center

Spiritual Organizations

Community Based Organizations
Green Organizations
(Food, Farm, Environment)
the Living Justice Center


Blue Deer Center / www.bluedeer.org
Center for Symbolic Studies / www.symbolicstudies.org
Egyptian Goddess Lineage
Grandmother Threecrow
KTD Karma Tryana Dharmachakra Center / www.kagyu.org
Kundalini Yoga East http://www.kundaliniyogaeast.com/
Shuniya Studios www.shuniyastudios.com
Sky Lake Lodge Shambala Center
Zen Mountain Monastery https://zmm.mro.org/

Transition Towns (Saugerties, Kingston and Woodstock)
/ http://www.transitionnetwork.org/
O Positive Festival / www.opositivefestival.org
Rosendale Rec Center / www.townofrosendale.com/recreation
Global Ecovillage Network / www.gen.ecovillage.org
Family of Woodstock / www.familyofwoodstockinc.org
US Social Forum / www.ussocialforum.net
RUPCO (Rural Ulster Preservation Company) / www.rupco.org
Occupy Kingston / https://www.facebook.com/occupykingston ‎
Commonfire / www.commonfire.org
First Nations generally / http://www.afn.ca/ http://www.ienearth.org/
Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign / www.honorthetworow.org
Association of Native Americans
Big Indian Native Amercan Cultural Center
/ https://www.facebook.com/bigindianculturalcenter‎
Volunteers: http://www.workaway.info/
Willing Workers on Organic Farms - www.wwoofinternational.org
ZMAG Green Network of Activist Groups - http://www.zmag.hr/en
The International Council for Cultural Centers / http://www.international3c.org/
European Network of Cultural Centers - ENCC - www.encc.eu
USA Community Arts Network - CAN (http://www.communityarts.net/canabout.php)
Bread Houses Network / http://www.breadhousesnetwork.org/

Help Yourself - http://commongreen.weebly.com/
Winter Sun Farms / http://www.wintersunfarms.com/
Kingston Land Trust / www.kingstonlandtrust.org
Glynwood Institute / www.glynwood.org
Tom Brown / www.trackerschool.com
Evan Pritchard - http://www.algonquinculture.org/
Ashokan Center / www.ashokancenter.org
Cornell Cooperative Extension & Master Gardeners / www.gardening.cornell.edu
United Plant Savers / www.unitedplantsavers.org
Esopus Creek Conservancy www.esopuscreekconservancy.org/
Gill Farm Hub / http://www.localeconomies-hv.org/initiatives/farm-hub/
Wild Earth / http://wildearth.org/
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary / www.woodstocksanctuary.org
Wilderness Awareness School / www.wildernessawareness.org
Woodstock and Kingston Farmer's Markets / www.kingstonfarmersmarket.org
NOFA - Northeast Organic Farmer's Association / www.nofa.org
Woodstock Land Trust / www.woodstocklandconservancy.org
True Nature / http://www.truenature.org/
Sustainable Hudson Valley / www.sustainhv.org
Gov. Cuomo funding
Natural Resource Conservation Service / www.nrcs.usda.gov
NY Department of Conservation / www.dec.ny.gov
Kingston CAC (Conservation Advisory Council) / www.kingstoncac.org
Town of Saugerties
Woodstock Town Hall
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