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The Cheesecake Factory

No description

Julia Geygan

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Cheesecake Factory

It all began in 1972... Cheesecake Employees are: By: Kaitlin Quimby, Julia Geygan, and Katie White The Best Practices of: Successful Strategies SWOT Analysis Summary Trivia!! Trivia!! Where was the first Cheesecake Factory built? Trivia! Thank You! Diverse Menu Huge variety
Constant menu
"Skinnylicious" options Quality Food Handmade items
Everything in-house
Fresh ingredients Service Quality Strict guidelines
High expectations
Results Bang for your buck! Large portion sizes
inexpensive a. Santa Monica
b. Chicago
c. Beverly Hills
d. Las Vegas Innovative Minds
Commited to Excellence
Dynamic Leaders
Service Minded
Passionate “America’s Best Chain Restaurant”
--Forbes "Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility" Son: David Overton
Beverly Hills Restaurant 60 Cheesecake Selections Almost 170 Locations
Open 35 years
2 Production Facilities Middle East/Eastern Europe expansion “To Create an Environment Where Absolute Guest Satisfaction is our Highest Priority" What is the LAST NAME of the family who started the Cheesecake Factory? Does Cheesecake Factory make seasonal holiday cheesecakes? The Cheesecake Factory HINT: It starts with an "O" Yes or No? Upscale Casual Dining Evelyn and Oscar Overton
Los Angeles--1972
700 square foot shop 1975: Business was Booming WT:
Let different regions make small changes to their menu
Use advertisement, familiarity, uniformity to get people to come to their new locations in the middle east ST:
Skinnylicious menu to fight the health craze
Put customers first by always making them happy which keeps customers during this economy. Feel it is worth it WO:
Spend more on advertisement to promote healthy options, promote specials, and grocery store products
Use an online reservation system to make it less crowded/ hectic SO:
Use their popular specialty cheesecakes to sell in grocery stores as well as variety of dinner options
Skinnylicious menu with more local/ organic food from farmers Weaknesses
Lack of advertisement
Low starting wages
Hectic environment/ crowded
High in calories – regular menu
Slow promotion
Hard to create new menu items
Large portions Strenghts:
Organized ------Promote within
Quick service/ turnover
Wide variety menu
Bakery – Specialty Cheesecakes
Skinnylicious Menu
Strong Management/ Rotate management
Familiarity / Uniformity
Make customers happy –comp food Threats:
Health Craze
Bad economy
Too big/ corporate for future innovation
Local restaurants
Difficult to make changes
Middle East expansion could be a flop Opportunities:
Signature dishes at grocery stores
Pair up with local farmers
More health options
2 for 1 dinners– promotional specials
Expand internationally
Reservation system – open table Started as a tiny, family owned establishment
Mission= ultimate guest satisfaction
Employees must be:

Expanding to Middle East and Eastern Europe
Best Practices: Passionate
Committed to Quality Diverse Menu (updated twice a year!)
Fresh Ingredients
Level of Service
Bang for your Buck
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