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Sam Houston 2nd Term

Made by: Corban H, [John D, and PReston D. (aka) 2RandomKids]

Corban Hutton

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Sam Houston 2nd Term

Sam Houston Sam Houston pledged to bring the
Republic of Texas out of debt, create peace with the
Caddoe Indians, and tried to keep the peace with Mexico,
but to no avail. Houston worked on bringing Texas out
of debt, by cutting the army size, and using Texan
volunteers instead. Houston also sold Texas Navy ships. Unfortunately, the debt kept growing, but Houston cut the debt in half. Sam Houston created a peace treaty with
the Caddoe Indians, by allowing them to live along the Brazos. By allowing the Caddoes to settle there,
the Caddoes helped the other hostile tribes make peace with the Republic of Texas. Mexico still wanted Texas to be a part of them,
so Mexico invaded Texas and captured Goliad, Victoria, and San Antonio. Fearing that Mexico would
capture Austin, Houston ordered the Texas Rangers to secretly move the Austin Archives to the city of
Houston, so that Mexico would not obtain them. About Houston's Presidential Staff. The members of Houston's Staff are as following-
Vice President - Edward Burleson
Secretary of State - Anson Jones
Secretary of War & Marine - Morgan C. Hamilton
Secretary of Treasury - E. Lawrence Stickney
Attorney General - George W. Terrell
Land Commissioner - Thomas W. Ward Fights and Skirmishes with Mexico Terms of Service
2nd Term Dec. 13, 1841- Dec. 9, 1844 Archives War As Santa Anna's troops captured Goliad,
Victoria, and San Antonio, Houston feared
that Santa Anna would try to capture Austin, where the
archives were held, so Houston moved the records to the city of Houston, so they wouldn't fall to Mexico. Battle of Salado Creek Again, Mexico invaded, and this time
captured San Antonio, to show Texas
that they could not control their territory.
Texas's volunteer army marched on Saledo Creek
but were outnumbered by 800 Mexican soldiers.
The Texan volunteers set a trap, as they could not
win a full assault. After the Mexican army fell to the
trap that the Texans set, the retreated for a short while.
The volunteers found out that this group was one of the
2 invading Texas at the time. The other group of volunteers had fallen to Mexico at La Grange. Dawson Massacre
At the time of the Battle of Salado Creek, another group of volunteers had surrendered to the Mexican army ad La Grange, but as they waved the white flag, the volunteers still fell to the Mexicans. Sam Houston received news of the Dawson Massacre, and sent General Alexander Somervell to check if the Mexican army had cleared out of La Grange , and Texas altogether, just to make sure they had left after the previous invasions. Texan Invasion of Mexico General Alexander Somervell discovered that Mexico's army had crossed the border back into their country, and Somervell sent the news back to Sam Houston. Houston replied with orders not to cross into Mexico unless you are positive the Mexican army will lose or retreat. Somervell analyzed the Mexican numbers, and decided not to cross, as there was a high chance they would lose the battle, but Commander William Fisher took 308 men into Mexico and attacked the town or Mier. Fisher was outnumbered, and surrendered with only 176 men standing. Santa Anna was infuriated with this event, so he thought of a punishment fitting Fisher's stubbornness. Santa Anna held the Black Bean Lottery, where the Texan prisoners drew beans. If they would draw one of the 17 black beans, they would be put to death, and if they chose a white bean, they would be prisoners for life. Outraged, Sam Houston ordered the Mier expedition.
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