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The Lion King: Hero's journey

No description

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Lion King: Hero's journey

The Lion King: Hero's journey
When simba was still a lion cub his father Mufasa the king was killed or shall we say murdered by his brother Scar ,Simba’s Uncle. Scar then blames Simba for his fathers death

Unusual childhood
When Simba ran away he found to stranger and their names were Timon and Pumba and they raised Simba from a cub to an adult and taught him the motto Hakua matta

Call to Adventure
Simba did accept at first. Of course Simba didn’t accept Timon an Pumba’s offer. I mean who would want to spend their life eating bugs. but eventually he accepted his new life and put the past behind him

Rafiki is Simba’s mentor. He has always been there for Simba. He helps Simba realize that he has to go back to Pride Rock not only to fulfill his duty but also to help his mother and Nala. Rafiki gives him advice and the guidance of his father.

mentor/supernatural natural helper
Special weapon
Simba uses his strength and knowledge as a weapon

Simba has to return to Pride rock knowing everyone might not want him back, because he was the reason of Mufasa’s death. He has to defeat his evil uncle Scar for his rightful place as king.

The abyss or temptation
The transformation
Simba defeats his uncle Scar for his place as king. Simba now knows that Nala and his mother are safe
The Return home
Simba defeats Scar and takes his right full place as king at Pride Rock
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