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Natural Selection

No description

abby freo

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Natural Selection

Selection Survival of the fittest Competion Charles
Darwin Many offspring
are born per species. Natural
Selection Genes Change
(by chance) Descent with modifications Endangered Extinctions 1. Entire species can't adapt
2. Mass Extinctions B
Y Agenda for Nov. 29th Recap 1-5 concepts of Natural Selection
Finish up Natural Selection notes
Adaptation and Natural Selection Activity

HW-> Start working on Exam Review!!! Due Thurs. Work with your table partner.
Write in complete sentences or write the question.
When your done turn it in on my desk.

Early finishers -> Work on your Unit review! Natural Selection WS Agenda for Nov. 30, 2011 Sit with your groups
Log into computers
Peppered Moth Activity (Due today!)

Reminder: Unit 1 and 2 Review due Thurs Pages for Test Corrections

Bryophytes (moss) pg 554-557
Primative Vascular Plants (ferns) 560-562
Gymnosperms (cones) 564-568
Angiosperms (flowers) 569
Plant Structure 581-600, 612 Agenda for Dec. 2, 2011 Turn in Unit 2/3 Semester Review for late grade
Watch Short Peppered moth video
Watch Antibiotic resistant bacteria video
Complete Battle of the Bugs (On half sheets)
Early finishers...work on Unit 3 and 4 HW: Work on Unit 3 and 4 Combating Antibiotic ResistantBacteria The Peppered Moth Super Bugs...Can they be stopped? Agenda for Dec. 6, 2011 Sit in your regular seat (no electronic devices)
All belongings on the side tables
Performace Task - Part 2 (individually)
Early finishers....finish unit 3 and 4 review.
ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING DURING TEST! HW: Unit 3 and 4 Semester Exam Review...Due tomorrow! Performace Task Part 1 (Lab Partners) 1. Read the Experiment and Problem
2. Finish Exp. Design (Rough Draft first)
a. Title (the effect...)
b. Hypothesis (if and then)
c. IV/DV
d. Data table
e. Drawing results (use procedure portion)
3. Turn in Lab Rough Draft and Final *No Questions!!!
*Only use pencil or blue/black pen! Automatic Detention and loss of points: Talking too loud or to other groups. All missing work due fri at 5pm! Electronic devices have changed over time especially cell phones.
1. Give me two ways that cell phones have changed.
2. Is this an advantage/disadvantage?
3. Explain why it is an advantage/disadvantage?
4. How do you decide which new phone to choose from with so many choices? Green Sticker on desk next to apple =

As soon as you come in, find your height. There are 3 locations to do this. Then record your height in inches on the elmo. My height
would be
40 + 9 =49 in Warm Up There are 5 concepts that Darwin used to describe Natural selection as the mechanism in which change occurs. Below are pictures that are examples of natural selection occurring. Match up each concept with the pictures below. You may need to look at pg.9. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Adaptations Natural Selection Plant Unit Test corrections 1. Sign in on the clipboard
2. Get your Plant packet underneath the cabinet that corresponds to your plant number.
3. Get test form, scantron and correction sheet

*** You will be asked to leave and no credit for effort if you are talking to others...ask ME!!!
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