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SEO Lunch and Learn

No description

Amanda Shearer

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of SEO Lunch and Learn

Sites that do not integrate marketable content into their strategies will see themselves overtaken in search results.
Social &

SEO is made up of a variety of areas that work together.
Search Engine Optimization
Social chatter is now arguably a bigger ranking factor than traditional link building.
Analysis & Research
- Set goals
- Site audit
- Competitive analysis
- Research keyword trends/market
- Develop new tactics for
improvement & problem
Technical Optimization
- Site architecture
- Structure steers visitors to
information they seek
- Keyword implementation
- Usability
- Functionality
- Speed
- Quality of content
- Incorporate targeted keywords appropriately
- Add content where needed
- Update content frequently
- Create content that people will want to share
- Authorship markup
- Target keywords that you may
not have optimized for on
your website
The core of SEO.

- Social mentions/links
- Engaging your target audience is more crucial than ever before
- Build an online community that will share your messages/content
- Respond to any negativity about your business
- Social icons and ease of content sharing
Links are still a major factor in ranking and they can be earned in a wide variety of ways- get creative.
- Search engines are now much stricter on judging the quality of a link (link spam and unreputable sources)
- Directories not enough
- Content is great for link building
- Utilize social channels
- Better quality links = higher domain authority, =
better ranking, = more traffic to your website
Your website must offer value to a visitor in order to rank well.
Sharing content externally helps earn links and build awareness of your business.
Client Education & Cooperation
Educate the client so they have an understanding of what it takes to be successful.
- Clients need to be involved- SEO is not a "set it and forget it" deal
- Recommendations need to be discussed
or approved in a timely manner
- Be aware of any legal/regulatory
restrictions on content
the process of improving a website's visibility in search results by ensuring its content is highly relevant to a target audience and developed in a way that is easily indexable for search engine crawlers and user-friendly for visitors.
- Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, mobile optimized
- Image optimization
- Content is king
- Anchor text for links
- Focus on functionality
Examples of Designing with SEO in Mind:
There are many ways to create great-looking website elements that search engines are able to read and index.

- Remember that search engines cannot read text in image form.
Examples of Social Media's Effect on SEO
Examples of Technical Optimization:
Structured Data
Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
Site Architecture
Your friends' activity influences your search results as well:
Where to Build Links
A website designed with SEO in mind is much more effective.
Additional effort is needed in order to optimize for multiple regions.
- Unique URLs for each language
- Geotargeted regions
- XML sitemap
- Specify alternate content to search engines
- Extensive keyword research
1. SEO Overview

2. Next Steps

3. Questions
Next Steps/Recommendations
1. Set goals
- Determine KPI's, begin Analysis & Research
2. Technical Optimization
- Site functionality, implementation of keywords
3. Content
- Quality, keyword-focused, ease of sharing
4. Community
- Social, online reputation, link building
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