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Medal of Honor

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lib hist

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Beauford Anderson
Beauford T. Anderson - Born on July 6, 1922, in Eagle River, Wisconsin, was sent to fight the Japanese in World War 2. During a battle in April of 1945, came a Japanese counterattack, that he single-handedly held of by firing his carbine. After hours of holding off the Japanese he was found seriously wounded but refused medical attention until he reported the situation to his commander. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on June 27, 1946 for his heroic actions.
Leroy Petry
Leroy A. Petry - Born July, 29, 1979 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he joined the United States Army in 1999. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008, during his 7th deployment, he was part of a team sent to capture a leader of the Taliban. Though he was shot in both legs, he still fought and gave orders. Also during their mission, a gernade was tossed at him along with a few more comrades. Petry picked up the gernade and threw it back right before it exploded. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on July 12, 2011 for his heroic actions.
Robert Foley
Robert Foley was born on May 30, 1941. During an intense battle in the Vietnam War, he was severly wounded but continued to fight and save more wounded men. Foley showed magnificent courage and selfless concern for his men. Robert Foley was given the medal of honor on May 1, 1968.
Bennie Adkins
Bennie Adkins was born on February 1, 1934 in . He showed sacrafice during the vietnam war because when his camp was under attack he risked his life to save his comrades. He showed honor by his extraordanary heroism in combat and reflecting great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States army. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on September 15, 2014.
Medal of Honor Recipients
Some similarities that the medal of honor recipients had were:
- Were severely wounded but continued to fight
- Foley and Adkins faught in Vietnam
- Sacrificed their lives to save their fellow comrades
- Were in the branch of the US Army

Owen Barno, Reese Linne
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