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No description

Vivian Lima

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Curling

Curling Equipment
The Rules
Cheryl Bernard
Curling Equipment
here can you play?
Stone or Rock: Circular shape; Weighting between 17.2 kg 19.96 kg
The sheets are 45.27m long, and 5m wide.
Broom or Brush:
Corn or straw, and hog or horse hair
Gripper and Slick

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Thank You!!
Curling the "Chess on ice".
Cultural Value
Jessica Alves
Julia Lins
Priscila Santos
Sadeem Alsaeed
Vivian Lima

Students Name
Curling History
London Curling Club
Highland Country Club
Western mustangs
They have..
- Six sheets of curling ice.
- Social events.
- A store to buy curling tools.
- Accept all ages.

courses and classes to teach:
Kids club
People with special needs
females-men-mix class
Student (14–24)
Intermediate (21-29)

Fall/Winter term (Oct-Apr)
Economic Impact
Ford World Curling Championship
in 2009 Canadian Curling Association conducting economic impact in 2 places
attendance was 248,793
the attendance w
as 281,985.

Cheryl Bernard
Curling in Canada
Strategy, skills, team dynamic...
Spirit of Curling
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