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Creative Writing Music Reviews

No description

Jessica Evans

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Creative Writing Music Reviews

Creative Writing Music Reviews

Amy Winehouse: Back to Black
This jazzy meets blues album has a vibrant sound that will make the listener want to get up and swing dance.
Yellow Claw - Shotgun
The triple threat DJ’s hailing from the Netherlands, they show themselves as a threat with this new song that shows their knowledge of how clubs and parties operate. They show their ability to make hard hitting trap drops while Rochelle’s voice soothes the listener’s ears. The dynamic of beats and crashes coming from the snare, claps, horns, and all other music pieces come together impressively. The synths that were made from blood, sweat, and midi controllers have showed up in impressive numbers.
Freelance Whales - The Great Estates
Break out your banjo, string up your ukulele, and search out your basement for instruments, Freelance Whales is making thrift-store child-like songs that will make you remember why loved
indie music.
Eminem - Recovery
The Killers- Battle Born
Aloe Blacc
- Wake Me Up
Kanye West-Yeezus
People didn’t think Bieber could pull it off. They thought after he hit puberty his voice would crack and he would just fade away. With “Believe” he proved everyone wrong.
The Front Bottoms
Duffy- Rockferry
Portugal. The Man
No time for church? That’s okay, just put on some headphones and experience the religious revival of Kanye West’s sixth solo studio album ‘Yeezus’. Prayers answered, Yeezy’s in your face, bold lyrics and jarring beats are “bound 2” give you a spiritual awakening. Notoriously known for his egotistical attitude, Yeezus is the only arsenal necessary to back that ego up. It’s futuristic and fun and unlike anything you’ll ever hear again.
Phantom of the Opera-
Kerli - "Love is Dead"
Cage The Elephant
Soft and loud clash violently, thoughts of hope and heart break all mushed together make a beautiful album. In this album we finally get the answer to all the questions from their most popular song “Mr. Brightside”. This is perfectly followed by “Ms. AtomicBomb”. If you haven’t heard the beginning of this sad love story you simply can’t listen to one of the best songs in the album.
Bruno Mars- Mary You
No, you're not going colorblind; singer, Duffy's, music will make you feel like you belong in an old sepia or black&white love movie. The soothing album, Rockferry, is sort of the type to be played in a cute, cozy coffee shop.
Her voice makes the music ascend the walls to create what you will feel is a new atmosphere.
Whether you're feeling, happy, blue, or in love, the acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards and sporadic trumpets throughout the album along with carefully written lyrics will fit any mood that you are in. No matter what ails you, The Front Bottoms self-titled album is sure to be just what the doctor ordered.
Turner Brattan: The Germs "(GI) "
His combination of modern day hip-hop with a 1970's twist gets you up off your feet, jumping and dancing around as if no one is watching. His style lays somewhere between the expressive Marvin Gaye with some of Curtis Mayfield's funk and to top it off a sprinkle of Bill Withers’ Jazz and Soul.
Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Grab a mask, get your tissues, and picture yourself as the center of a tragic love triangle.
Rap legend, Marshall Mathers III, also known as “Eminem”, has climbed his way back to the top of the charts. His newly released album, Recovery, is fleeing off of the shelves. The talk about the tough challenges he had to face during his relapse has people craving to hear it. In the album he tells what it was like for him after he relapsed and then how he overcame it. He’s been clean for months now and the success of this album has definitely uplifted his spirits. The frail, once disgustingly poor, white rapper from Detroit has definitely surprised all of his critics.

Justin Bieber - Believe
Jhene Akio Sails Out
“Everything works in circles. Like sometimes you're doing something, and a year later you're back at the same point. You understand that? So circle one, is what we're doing now, and someday we'll probably do circle two.” –Darby Crash
give you a sweet, psychedelic style
that floats you across the
universe to examine every
beautiful thing in it.
The gritty rhymes of the grunge band switches to a sixties batusi garage band vibe. The groovy beat of the music is irresistible not to sway your body to.
With steady drum beats and chorused whispers guiding your steps, dance on each strum of the guitar until you've reached the heart of this emotional collection.
Stay Ready (What A Life)
Beyonce The Visual
“Marry You” is a love song, about a couple when they go to Las Vegas, and spontaneously decide to get married.
This song is emotionally driven by the tone of Chris Martin's voice, enough to make you believe that he's helping you with your issue through song.
The sound of Akio's voice you slip into a
daze of what you want your life to be
She used to say: "You can be whoever you want, even yourself"
Yeah, I show up knowin' exactly who I was and never leave as myself
But when it falls apart, I'm always still down
To pick a million tiny little pieces off the ground
Wish you would learn to love people and use things
And not the other way around

Beyonce knows that she and Jay Z's time together is limited and anything could happen between them.
Out with the old Miley and in
with the new! Miley Cyrus went from being America's sweetheart to a rebel in the matter of a year.
"Spiders in my head, Spiders in my mind, You may take my eyes, but baby I' not blind"
Ed Sheeran
Album: "+"
Before his newest album comes out, Ed Sheeran has been spending his free time making a song for the popular sequel, “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” with the song “I See Fire”. Making a sharp contrast from his realistic stories with a fantasy inspired song. He admits making a lot of new changes for his up and coming album.
“A-Team”. Built on palm-muted guitars and a simmering string arrangement, Sheeran tells the story of a young girl's free-fall into rock bottom filled with of drug addiction and prostitution
Florence + the Machine
Florence has been quoted many times saying
"It sounds cheesy, but I want to touch people. Not in a weird way... I just want to help them feel what I'm feeling." And her songs certainly do so. When her melodies begin you can't help but get so caught up in her voice flowing like silk from her lips to your ears. Truly filling your mind with wonder. The lyrics drag up old memories, once repressed, and let's them surface, feeling all of those emotions you thought were tucked away.
Fall Out Boy
This album’s sound is a rare shooting star—great things like it don’t come around quite often, especially not in the ever-evolving music scene.
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