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The Cay

No description

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cay

The Cay
written by Theodore Taylor

Main Characters
Phillip, a young boy who lives in Curacao, forms an unlikely friendship with Timothy, an old African American. Phillip grew up around people who had animosity toward African Americans, so he too has a strong dislike toward African Americans. Timothy, an old man, grew up in foster care and was never properly educated. Stew cat is Timothy's pet cat.
The story begins on Curacao, a small island near Venezuela. For a short period of time Timothy and Phillip find themselves on a raft. Next, they are on an small deserted island (The Cay) for most of the book. The book ends back on Curacao
Phillip's mother decides that Caruso is too dangerous and chooses to move away, leaving Phillip's father. The boat they sail on gets torpedoed and the lifeboat breaks. Phillip gets hit in the head and wakes up on a raft with Timothy. Phillip becomes blind, because of his head injury! After several days they stumble upon an island. They decide to stop on the island and set up camp.
Timothy realizes that boats do not come into the area of their cay. The only chance of being rescued would be an aircraft. Timothy and Phillip notice odd weather, and realize that a hurricane is coming! Timothy protects Phillip and sacrificed his own life. Phillip is left alone on the cay with no one, but Stew Cat. Phillip must find his way. He dives for fish, the first time he has luck. On his second try he gets bit by something, and doesn't try again.
At first Phillip is scarred, but after a day he hears an aircraft! Timothy had it set up so Phillip could set the palm tree on fire, to signal help with smoke. Sadly, the aircraft did not see the smoke. Phillip wondered why and realized that the smoke is white and can't be seen. About a day later, another aircraft came by. This time Phillip added sea grape to the fire, because the oils in the sea grape would turn the smoke black. Phillip got excited when he heard the aircraft coming closer. Unfortunately it flew away. Phillip was devastated, he thought he was never going to get rescued. Many hours later he heard bells, it was a boat! He screamed and waved. "It's a naked boy and a cat," hollered the captain. Phillip was saved! He returned to Caruso, and had many surgeries done. He regained his vision. One day Phillip hopes to go back to his cay and stand by Timothy's grave.
The Setting
By: Gabby Haywood
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