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Hush Hush Book Report

Book report of the novel Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. By Allison

Allison Harper

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Hush Hush Book Report

HushHush Characters Hush Hush Trailer Theme Plot The End About this book My review to you Nora Grey Setting Genre: Supernatural/Romance
Time: The twenty-first century
This book takes place in Coldwater, a small almost non-exsistent town in the U.S
I think the author chose this setting because it ties in with the story. Everyone assumes nothing exciting happens in small towns and the same goes for the people in it. Coldwater is dark, rainy and gloomy, perfect for a supernatural story to take place. Nora Grey is your avaerage teenage girl. Smart, responsible and too high exepectations of herself.
She is tall with pale skin and curly red/brown hair with grey eyes.
One good trait is her intelligence for she always solves the puzzle.
One bad trait is her curiosity, as they say curiosity killed the cat.
Other personality traits include shy, and has a hard time trusting people. This book is honestly really interesting and kept me wanting to read more, with all the cliffhangers and mysteries Nora must face. I liked Becca Fitzpatircks writing style because it kept you in suspense and contasted well with the story line.
I would definetly recommend it to others probably girls considering that Nora's point of view and thoughts are really girly and not many guys like to read romance books. But probably to my friends because we share similar interests in books. Thankyou for watching! The plot of this book is a Fallen Angel, Patch, is after Nora because he wants to be human. He needs a sacrifice from her specifically, but Nora has problems of her own when someone wants to kill her because of her connection with Patch. And the fact that she just might be in love with him.
The climax of this story would be when Nora finds out what Patch really is. Soon after is when all the action takes place.
When a girl falls for the fallen everything goes wrong. The message of this book is never judge a book by its cover because Nora had underestimated a friend and in turn put her life at risk. For example her new friend Elliot showed to be less trust worthy than he seemed.
I can connect to this book by saying that I personally have met and know people that seem to not be who I once thought.
I think that Becca wanted me to feel happiness because if Nora and Patch can find there happy ending so can I also think she wanted me to learn to get to truly know a person before you fully trust them Becca Fitspatirck
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