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Read Homestuck

No description

Sai Wilcken

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Read Homestuck

Why you should read by Andrew Hussie Entertainment! Homestuck is LONG almost 6000 pages Classic Literary Elements Hero's Journey Creation Myth page 1 page 5959 Total word count is comparable to
the Harry Potter series

Plenty of material! Say goodbye to boredom! Improve Reading Skills! Non-linear and
Critical thinking! Multiple characters! Vocabulary! it starts with four Kids
and their guardians
...plus 12 aliens
and their guardians
and their ancestors
...then alternate-universe kids
and their guardians
...and the alternate-universe aliens
and their guardians...
...and lots of in-game constructs
...also all the bad guys
and their alternate universe versions

A lot of characters 4
=76+... Time travel abounds
Storylines aren't always linear
Multiple versions of most characters
Theories and as-yet-unanswered questions
Seemingly minor details become huge plot points Narrative word choice
Distinctive character voice
Invented story-specific words You will become a better person! Diversity Different cultures ~ [we haven't actually even seen these guys yet] ==> Appropriate or
inappropriate? Terminology Normal or
abnormal? Makes you smarter! Makes you kinder! Keeps you entertained! Characters! Music! Drama + Comedy! Interactivity! GO HERE ==> CLICK THIS ==> ...and ENJOY!

:o) thank you
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