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Transcript of Sweden!!!

basic info
religion and location
The main religion in Sweden is Lutheran Christianity. the location is next to the Altic Sea and Norway
In Sweden it is a little diffrent than the United States. In schools they have around 7 hours of school,but they have a lot of breaks in the day.Swedish schools make sure every 6 year old has a opportunity for an education. They have 178 days of school days it is from August to June.That is the info on Swedish schools.
Natural Resources and Crops
There are many natural resources in sweden here is most of them:
arsenic,feldspar,timber, and hydropower.
wheat,rapeseed,suger beet, barley, and oat
Drottingholm palace
Drottingholm Palace is the residence of the royal family. it is located in drtingholm built on island lovon. it was built in the 16th century.
Government and economy
Sweden has a constitutional Monarchy and they have a mixed economy
The captial of sweden is Stockholm. als o there main languages are english and swedish
MUSIC:pop , rock, hip hop, Dansband
DANCE: Polska
FOOD: Swedish meatballs
TRADITIONS: Walpurgis Eve
SPORTS: Futbol, handball, basketball, and american Football
5 Facts
- wasp kill more people directly than any other animal in Sweden
- there are 260,000 reindeer in sweden
- the Swedish word "gift" can mean married or poisen
- sweden has won 625.5 olympic medals in total
- sweden was the first country that banned smacking children in 1979
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