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Three Little Words by: Ashley Rhodes-Courter

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marykate Abbot

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Three Little Words by: Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Ashley and her brother Luke are taken from their mother at the age of 3, they are sent to a number of foster parents including her grandfather and his girlfriend Adele which was one of her favorite foster homes. After her grandfather got shot and it was unsafe, she was sent to the Moss's where she was beat and terrified. she was sent to a number of foster homes after that. She later got sent to the Children's Homes of Tampa and after a few years there, she was adopted by Phil and Gay Courter.
Three Little Words takes place in a lot of places. for example, it takes place in North Carolina, Tampa Florida, Colorado and many more places.
Point of View
The point of view is 1st person. Ashley is telling the story.
I think the theme of the story is that someone will always love you no matter what because Ashley thought that nobody wanted her or loved her but her mom, many foster parents, Mrs. Sandness, and her adopted parents all love her.
the symbols of Three Little Words are Ashley's Barbies and clothes , these are symbols in this book because they were mostly all from her mother, and Ashley cared a lot about the gifts from her mother.
Three Little Words by: Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Some of the main characters in the story are Ashley, Mom, Aunt Leanne, Luke, The Ortiz, Adele, Grandpa, The Willis', The Paces, Boris, Doreen, The Hooper's, The Potts, the Hagen's, The Moss's, Mrs. Sandness, and Phil & Gay Courter
This is the Moss's house which took place in Florida.
Ashley at the children's home Tampa Florida.

"Sunshine, you're my baby and I'm your only mother. You must listen to the one taking care of you but she is not your mama." Pg. 1

"You are my little pumpkin." Pg. 11

"I love you both so much... always and always. love mama." Pg. 41
Ashley Rhodes-Courter with her book
Ashley with her adopted parents when she was first adopted
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