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Grade Two Lesson 3

No description

Alex Klimkewicz

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Grade Two Lesson 3

Grade Two Lesson 3A Are you a good Netizen? Netizens love cats! People Memes Bad Luck Brian is the opposite of Success Kid.
He always has bad luck. Finally, there is Scumbag Steve. He is not a nice person. Nyan Cat is a very strange and annoying meme. Happy Cat is the opposite of Grumpy Cat. Keyboard Cat was one of the first cat memes.
Have you seen it? Grumpy Cat is very popular right now. The dancing baby was one of the first internet memes. Some memes are cute, like the skateboarding dog. The internet is for fun! Netizen = Internet Citizen (Internet User) I N T E R N E T In your books: page 38 Funny things on the internet are called memes. Memes can be videos or pictures. Some memes are very interesting.
Does the girl dance clockwise or counter-clockwise? There are many cat memes. Finally, there are memes based on people. Success Kid is lucky.
He always succeeds!
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