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Discussion questions

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Sorene Moumi

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Discussion questions

Discussion questions
What is the effect of Clarisse's questions on Montag? Why do her questions have this effect?
Clarisse's questions to Montag make him really uncomfortable and sometimes angry because he doesn't always know how to answer and it also questions his knowledge.
Compare Montag's wife, Mildred, with Clarisse. Are they alike in any way? How are they different?
Mildred is Montag's wife and she is suicidal. Clarisse is seventeen years old and she is Montag's neighbor. She isn't like other people her age because she asks why something happened instead of how it happened. Although they are different both Mildred and Clarisse are special to Montag.
What is Montag's reaction when he discovers his wife has taken an overdose of sleeping pills? Why does he react this way? Does he love his wife?
When Montag got home he discovered his wife has taken an overdose of sleeping pills he called the Emergency Hospital. He reacted that way because he cared about her and didn't want her dead. Although he wasn't in love with her he did care about her.
What is the effective of the wall-sized TVs on Mildred? What kind of programs are playing on them?
How does Mildred get rid of her frustrations and negative feelings? Does she resolve these negative feelings or just escape them?
Why are Clarisse and Montag fascinated with each other? What do they find attractive; what do they find upsetting about each other?
Clarisse and Montage are fascinated with each other because they have many new things that they find about each other everytime they spend time together. The fact that they have some what the same way of thinking is what they find attractive, but when they say something not apreciate by the other one is something upsetting to them.
Clarisse says, "I haven't any friends. That's supposed to prove I'm abnormal". Is Clarisse Abnormal? What does she do that keeps people her own age from relating to her?
Clarisse is not abnormal and the only reason others say that is because she doesn't want to be like them. Clarisse keeps others away because they are having fun just by using violence against each other and killing himself, which makes Clarisse not wanting to be around them.
There is a list of a million forbidden books on the firehouse wall. What type of books are probably on this list, and why?
these books are probably books that reveal the past, how things were, and free full of imagimation created to reveal the past and get the people to be free thinkers. These books were probably burn to keep the people from being free and independent, but simple minded and relying on the government for everything.
In a book in the house he has come to burn, Montag read, "Time has fallen as asleep in the afternoon sunshine". How does this line comes to affect him?
This line affected Montage because it reminded him of the day when mildred overdosed on sleeping pills and how time stoped around him thinking he was going to loose her not knowing why.
when Montag returns home after the house and book burning and the death of the woman, he makes "soft sounds". What are these sounds, and why is he making them?
After Montag returned home from burning the house and books and the death of the woman he makes soft sounds. Those sounds were cries. On page 39, first paragraph, last sentence states 'He knew that when she pulled her hand away from his face it was wet.' Implying that after his wife would touch him she would realize he was crying. He made those soft noises because he felt bad for burning the woman with the books.
The wall-sized TVs are Mildred's past time because they show plays with scripts which makes her feel as if she was in the play, and she really enjoy taking part and adding new charaters to the script.
What does Mildred say when Montag tells her about the death of the old woman when they burned her books? What does Mildred's response say about her? What has led Mildred to become the way she is?
Mildred says "well?" After Guy tells her about the old woman as if she did not care about it. This hows that she thinks that the death of a woman who did nothing is fine. I think she became this way because she grew up thinking that anyone with books is a crimminal and that she only cares of herself.
According to Beatty, what happened to books and magazines in the twentieth century? What forces contributed to this change?
According to Beatty books and magazines of the twentieth century were compromise by authors filled with evil thoughts. Technology, mass exploitation, and minority press contributed to the change
How do fireman act as "...custodians of our peace of mind"?
Firemen act as custodians of our peace of mind by burning books and keeping them off limits to people so that they don't read them and get radical ideas.
According to Beatty, what is the.effect on the human psyche of reading books?
According to Beatty the effect that reading classics has on the human psyche is that everyone is obsessed with political correctness and that they didn't think the will offend any minorities in the process.
Mildred gets rid of her frustrations and negative thoughts by escaping them. She overdosed on medicine once in attempt of suicide to escape her problems in the beginning of the story on page 11.
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