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(Mcqueen) Charlies Annotataed Scrapbook By.BREANNA CLARK

No description

Breanna Lynn

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of (Mcqueen) Charlies Annotataed Scrapbook By.BREANNA CLARK

A Letter to Charlie March 5th
Dear Charlie,
Hello Charlie its Miss.Kinnian. I'll let you in on a little secret, my name isn't really "Miss.Kinnian", its Alice. It means noble, and exalted. Once they choose you for the experiment I'm sure you'll understand those words. Don't worry the doctors will pick you, because you want it more than the other students. You strive to achieve assignments, and most importantly you don't give up. I have seen some of your journal entries. Charlie...don't worry its okay, I will not be reading anymore until after this experiment is complete. I'm proud of you, doing what the doctors tell you and showing how you feel in your entries. Charlie, this has just begun, its going to get a lot harder. Whatever you do, don't give up, your going to be smart. Also...Charlie its okay to be wrong, these test their giving you...their not the kind you can pass or fail.
Miss. Alice Kinnian CHARLIE'S ANNOTATED SCRAPBOOK By.Breanna Clark(5th.period.) Flowers For Algernon - Daniel Keyes Algernon.
The muose benig uesd in a scnietific expemirnet i had to rase him manny
times in the mase tezt. I firzt met him in the sceince lab. He was a raelly smrat muose maybe thats bcuaze hes a wite muose i raelly dont now.
That is Miss.Kinnian....
I like to call her Alice
that is her name affer
all. She is a raelly nice,
prety lady....i tink
i migth just like her evan
and i meen LIKE LIKE her. I got payed today! I got payed today!
11.00 5/8/1965 The University Eleven dollars and 00/00-------------------- Charlie Gordon Dr. Nemur & Dr. Strauss The doctors. Dr.Nemur & Strauss
I dont think boy Dr. likes me much.
He probably rather use someone else..
The girl is pretty nice though.
His Progress.... (Look at full background) Extra! Extra! EXTRA!EXTRA! *New medical study to make dumb people smart* New medical advances may have

made it possible for Charlie

Gordon (32 year old adult with

an terrible IQ score of 68) to

possibly become smarter than the

doctors helping him. Is this even

and Dr. Strauss are the lead doctors on this experiment and are doing

everything possible to work.

There is a medical Convention coming up to conclude the experiment and

everything that Charlie Gordon has encountered during it. possible? Is it right? Dr. Nemur ABOVE. Charlie and Miss.Kinnian (his full time

instructor) working hard on assignments. More on the Experiment This experiment is suppose to triple

brain capability and performance. It was tested first on a little white mouse named Algernon. The mouse has proven the experiment to be affected on animals so far...his medical trial is not yet completed. Entry. Martch 9
Im getting raelly scured. That operashun is in too days. im worried that it wont work. I ben really sleepy for some reson and i dont want to rite these stupid things. Im going to bed.. Entry 2. March 11
Had my operatchon today, dont renember much from it. Felt a needle then gsuhreigusherogshr nothing. It buggin me, i dont know what hapened, did it work? i dont think it did. I feel no smarter that i did a day ago. I aint ever gonna get smart and have freinds. GOODBYE. Entry 3 April,12.
Miss.Kinnian says I'm getting smarter than the day! I look at her funny when she says that, I don't feel smarter yet, I wonder if other people see my "smartness". She said that I should look through my old entries and try to see the change myself...I don't think I'll be able to bare it so I probably wont do it. Im starting to really like her.... shes kinda amazing. Okay, well I gotta go race the mouse again, I have a feeling that I'm gonna win! ANNOTATIONS:

I look at Miss.Kinnian funny
because, i dont get how she
can think that im getting
smarter, im still feel like
dumb old Charlie Gordon. ANNOTATIONS
The fact that i cant remebmer any
thing bugs me because this operation
is suppose to make me remember, make
me smarter. All i want is to be smart
and have friends. Maybe God doesnt agree
with that...maybe thats why it aint working. ANNOTATIONS

The journals im starting
to find are stupid,all they
prove its that i cant speel
and have terrible grammer
and stuff who cares it dont
matter i know what i mean
and that is all that matters. When I first saw this I was beyond scared...all I saw was a blob of spilled ink. The doctor kept telling me to imagine something in it, find pictures inside it. She told me that others could. Well i couldn't at the time, but now I can! I see the whole thing as a cute smiling cat. I see a guy falling off a cliff and a ugly ant's head too. Orange
body of
a man.
is rocks
failling. Man Falling
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