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Emperor Penguin Carbon Cycle

No description

Renea Jaeger

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Emperor Penguin Carbon Cycle

Human Impact The carbon cycle and the oxygen cycle seem balanced, but humans have cause it to become unbalanced. Humans have burned or chopped down trees that provide us oxygen which we need to survive. The burnt trees have release carbon dioxide. Factories and cars release carbon dioxide in the process too. It causes more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which leads to global warming. Affecting Antarctica Global warming has cause heat to enter the Earth. It melts the icecaps in Antarctica which may cause my friends and I to die. Whats worse is that the babies can't swim because the don't have the water proof feathers. It will affect all of Antarctica ,and soon we will lose our home if this goes on. How do we stop global warming? This is one of Earth's problems, but we can try to help. One way is that you can plant trees to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Another way is to use other vechiles that don't release carbon dioxide like a bike. Lastly, don't get a job that involves cutting down trees, or factories. Emperor Penguin Carbon Cycle Decomposers Atmosphere Plants Animals Carbon Cycle+Oxygen Cycle By Piplup the Emperor Penguin How does it affect me? Plants (phytoplankton) take in carbon dioxide in the air. They turn the carbon dioxide into sugar molecules. They release oxygen and this process is called photosynthesis. Animals breath in oxygen, break down the sugar molecules, and release carbon dioxide. The cycle keeps on repeating from the plants. Decomposers break down the dead animals and returns the carbon compounds in the soil. Their waste product is carbon dioxide. They released carbon dioxides that goes into the atmosphere. The cycle will repeat from the plants.
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