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The Bio-mechanics of Boxing.

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Itachi Uchiha

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of The Bio-mechanics of Boxing.

The Biomechanics of Boxing Punching.

By: Ibrahim Abu Shammalah.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a matrial art and a combat sport between two people. in this presentation I will be showing you how stabalization, levers, and newton's laws contribute into boxing. I wil also be showing you the major bone and muscles, the equipements in the sports.

Stabilization is 1) the base of support. 2) Centre of weight/ gravity. 3) Line of gravity.
Base of support:
Base of support is the distance between the feet because as you bring your (Femur, Patella, Fibula, and Tibia) closer together the less balance you have and the less stable you become. however, when you have a good base of support with the your feet perfectly apart your punch will be strong and you will be balanced and you will move much better.

Centre of Gravity.
The centre of gravity is located in between 50% to 55% of your individual height. The most important thing is learning how to keep your balanced in ring. Your COG is most likely around your hips area. So when you bend your knees the COG becomes lower. So if you want a stronger punch you need the COG to be moving around with you every step you execute because by moving the COG simultaneously with every movement you will increase your bodies balance and increase the power in your punch.

Line of Gravity.
The line of gravity is the vertical line that passes passed that centre of gravity. If it is within the BOS (Base of Support) the object is stable, and if the line is outside the BOS the object is unstable. So in Boxing your are moving a lot and the LOG (Line of Gravity) can change with every step. You need to do that in boxing to get the best results.

Law of Inertia.

An object at rest will stay at rest until it is acted by an unbalanced force. an object in motion will stay in motion in the same speed and direction until acted upon on it. This means objects keep on doing what they are doing until acted upon it by an unbalanced force. So as you can see the boxing bag is not moving until I apply force to it.
Law of Acceleration.

Acceleration is made when a force is acted on a mass. When the mass is greater (The object being accelerated) the bigger force you will have to hit to move it. (To accelerate the object). This means that you need a stronger force for a heavy object so you can move it ad far as a light object. So as you can see the boxing bag is heavy and the light punches aren't moving it however, when I apply a heavy, and strong punches it moves it easily.
Law of Reaction.

For every action of force there is an equal and opposite re action.
This means that for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction. This is explained in boxing when two equal forces collied and the forces push back in the opposite direction equally as hard. In the video I am punching the boxing mit and the equal force is pushing my hand in the opposite direction.
Muscles involved:

Thenar Muscle
Flexor Muscle.
Bones involved.

The lever used in boxing is the third lever becuase lead or load is on the wrist (the hand) and the forearm. The effort is the bicep muscle. Lastly the fulcrum or pivot is the elbow because it is the one that controls the distribution between the load and the effort.
Sporting Equipment:

Boxing Gloves.
Boxing Shoes.
Head Gear.
Protective Gear (Below the belt)
Mouth guard.
Hand wrap.
Punching Mits.





Thank you.
Ways I can improve:

In boxing I think that I am really good at it because I have been practicing it for almost four years. However, if I include biomechanics in my perofrmance I can improve a lot.

First the COG (Centre Of Gravity), LOG (LIne Of Gravity), and BOS (Base Of support). These three stabalization biomechanics are usefull because they tell me that if I am Conscientious of my stablization skills and I move with them simultaneously with every movement I will surely improve because I will feel comfortable.

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