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Technology of the future

No description

Tyrik Maseruka

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Technology of the future

Ladies and gentlemen this is my power point about about technology in the future. You will find out some incredible things you've never found out.
In the future the will be different way to travel e.g Self driving cars
Uncontrolled aeroplanes or ships.
Cars that respond to you and the environment, change the temperature, read your emotions and play appropriate music.

Smart homes
All kitchen appliances are networked. Information about a water leak from the dishwasher, a cooker that has been left on, or an open freezer door, is displayed on the Screenfridge and a touch-screen terminal by the entrance door and is also sent to a WAP.

Thank you for watching my slide I hope you've learned something new.
In the future, there will be of different types of robots, all doing skills and their individual tasks.
We are still on a quest to make a human robot!
Technology of the future
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