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Southern Former USSR

By Sarah, Kaitlyn, and Shep

sarah shepro

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Southern Former USSR

Southern Former USSR Tajikistan, Armenia,and Kazakhstan Tajikistan's Religions The Steppies Mountains- Kazakhstan
Ural Mountains- Kazakhstan
Lots of forests all over the region
Caucasus Mountains- Azerbaijan
Himalaya Mountains- Tajikistan
The region is very mountainous
Caspian Depression- Uzbeckistan Southern Former USSR Landforms Southern Former USSR Climate Map Armenian Dancing is the countries and the type of music they listen to also.
Relative Location: Central Asia, west of China, south of Kyrgyzstan
Natural Resources: hydropower, some petroleum, uranium, mercury, brown coal, lead, zinc, antimony, tungsten, silver, gold
Arable Land: 6.52%
Urban Population : 26% Aisha Galimbayevia: Painted many portraits of people
Aukabakir Ismailov: Paintings of flowers and the outdoors
Abylkhan Kasteyev: Paints of historical battles and such Kazakhstan Artists The city of Almaty in Kazakhstan is considered the music capitol of Central Asia. It is a very popular tourist attraction. Kazakhstan dancers love dancing traditional dances. Kazakhstan Music and Dance Bodies of Water in the Southern Former USSR
Caspian is the sea that is connected to the Garabogazkol Gulf. There are many oil spots around the Caspian Sea.
There are four contries taht the Caspian Seas and the Black Sea connects to for easy transportation from country to country
# of Airports with paved runways: 17
Km of Railways: 680 Km
Km of Roadways: 27,767 Km
Total Merchant Marine: 200 Km Geography:
Relatative location: Southren Asia, between Turkey and west Azeibaisan
Natural resources: Gold, copper, zinc, bauxite
Arable land: 16.78%
Urban population: 64%

Unemployment rate: 5.9%
GDP: $18.17 Billion
GDP per capita: $5,500
Labor force by oppupation: Ag.-44.2%, Industry-16.8%, Service: 39%
Population below povery line: 35.8%
Agriculture products: fruit,vegetables, livestock
Industries: Diamond, metal, tires, electric motors
Industrial Growth Rate: 14.1%

Consumption: 52,00 bbl/day
exports: 0 bbl/day
Imports: 46.680 bbl/day

Natural Gas:
Consumption: 2.077 Billion Cu m
Exports: 0 Cu m
Imports: 2.077 Billion Cu m

Export commodities: Pig Iron, unwrought copper, diamonds
Export Partners: Russia 20%, China 8.1%, Iran 6.5 %, Germent 5.9%
Exchange Rate: drams (AMD)/ US dollar 372.5

# of airports with paved runways: 10
KM of railways: 869
Km of roadways: 8,888

Telephone- main lines in use: 577,500
Telephone- mobile cellular: 3.21 Billion Kazakhstan Relative Location: South of Russia, West of China, and North of Uzbekistan
Natural Resources: Petroleum, natural gas, coal, and iron ore
Arable Land: 8.29% Geography of Kazakhstan
Telephone- Main Lines in Use: 367,700
Telephone- Mobile Cellular: 5.941 Unemployment Rate: 5.4%
GDP: $219.6 Billion
GDP Per Capita
Labor Force by Occupation: Agriculture: 25.9% Industry: 11.9% Services: 62.2%
Population Below Poverty: 8.2%
Agricultural Products: grain, cotton, and livestock
Industries: oil, coal, iron ore, etc.
Industrial Growth Rate: 3.4%
Oil Consumption: 218,000 barrels per day
Oil Exports: 1.39 billion barrels per day
Oil Imports: 94,430
Natural Gas Consumption: 10.2 billion barrels per day
Natural Gas Exports: 8.1 billion barrels per day
Natural Gas Imports: 3.7 billion barrels per day Kazakhstan Economy Sunni Muslim-85%
Shia Muslim- 5%
Other-10% Religions of Tajikistan Works of Art From Tajikistan Number of airports with paved runways: 31
Km of railways: 15,079
Km of roadways: 93,612
Total merchant marine: 11 Transportation Communication Telephone- main lines in use: 4.011 million
Telephone- mobile cellular: 19.768 million works of art greatly linked to those of central Asia
all of the art seems to have a similar nature theme
the art in Tajikistan portrays their culture and history
Famous artists include Ozar Sharifi, Bakhityor Odinaev, and Zakir Sabirov Tajikistan Indian Summer by Ozar Sharifi
tajikart.com Talk by Ozar Sharifi
tajikart.com Unemployment Rate:2.2%
GDP (Purchasing Power Parity): $16.43 billion
GDP per Capita: $2,100
Labor Force by Occupation: agriculture- 49.8%, industry- 12.8%, services- 37.4%
Population Below Poverty Line: 46.7%
Agricultural Products: cotton, grain, fruits, grapes,vegetables, cattle, sheep, goats
Industries: aluminum,cement, vegetable oil
Industrial Growth Rate: 7.5%
Oil: consumption- 40,000 bbl/day, exports- 405.4 bbl/day, imports-39,400 bbl/day
Natural Gas: consumption- 227 million cu m, exports- 0 cu m, imports- 189 million cu m
Export Commodities: aluminum, electricity, cotton, fruits, vegetable oils, textiles
Export Partners:Turkey, Russia, Iran, China, South Korea, Afghanistan, Italy
Exchange Rate: 4.6102 Tajikistan's Economy Tajikistan's Geography Tajikistan's Transportations Communication in Tajikistan music is very traditional
main genres of music in Tajikistan includes Tajik folk music, Garibi, holiday music, and Badakhshan music
music here tends to be ethically diverse
music also varies in different parts of the country
music and dance related to central Asia's
Sayri Guli Lola is a festival celebrated in Tajikistan and dancing is used to celebrate it widely
Music and Dance in Tajikistan The official language of Tajikistan is Tajik. Not many other languages are spoken in Tajikistan, except for the use of the Russian language for government and business. Languages Spoke in Tajikistan Arshile Gorky:
Two pieces of art work that he painted of Americans Spring by Bakhityor Odinaev
tajikart.com Moon Night Bakhtyor Odinaev
tajikart.com http://travel.mapsofworld.com/tajikistan/music-of-tajikistan.html http://www.hunzaguidespakistan.com/culturalgreatranges.htm http://www.indexmundi.com/tajikistan/flag_description.html tajikart.com This region tends to be semi arid, sub tropical, continental, and desert
This region is very mountainous so climate varies where you are
In summer it's very hot and dry
Fall in spring are very moderate in temperature ranging from 20-30 degrees Celsius
Winters are very extreme http://travel.mapsofworld.com/tajikistan/weather-in-tajikistan.html http://westshore.hs.brevard.k12.fl.us/teachers/sarverr/world_cultures_maps.htm http://catalog.flatworldknowledge.com/bookhub/2657?e=berglee_1.0-ch03_s01 cia.gov cia.gov cia.gov cia.gov cia.gov
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