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No description

Scott Schneider

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Updated

Experience Counts! Consistent Multi-Million-Dollar sales performer, and one of the top 40 Realtors in the area. 12 years of experience helping clients build, buy and sell homes. Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) Life long Lincoln resident. The Expertise You Deserve The Flexibility You Want The Results You Need Flexible Marketing and Promotion Packages 6.4% What it does: Allows potential buyers to imagine the flow of space within the home, and how they'll live in it Floor planning: What it is: A custom-drawn overhead view floorplan of your home The value to you: Builds excitement to view your home, resulting in more potential showings 5.4% 4.9% What it does: Allows potential buyers to fully visualize your home, above and beyond what a simple photograph can portray. What it is: A high-definition video tour of your home The value to you: Builds excitement to view your home, resulting in more potential showings HD Video Tour: Listing on the MLS
Comparative Market Analysis
Photos for Marketing
Expertly Crafted Marketing Remarks
Estimated Closing Costs
Staging Consultation
Eye Catching Yard Signs Exposure on the Internet - over 30 websites - including Zillow and Realtor.com Coordinate Showings
Print Advertising- HomeMart Magazine TV Advertising: Text-For-Information
Yard Sign What it does: Provides additional exposure of your home to potential buyers What it is: Spot featuring your home on Time-Warner Channel 2 The value to you: Builds excitement to view your home, resulting in more potential showings The value to you: Builds excitement to view your home, resulting in more potential showings

What it is: An additional yard sign with a text-for-information number, specific to your home.

What it does: Provides instant information and photos of your home to potential buyers - directly to their mobile device. Few Prospective
Buyers Average Number of
Prospective Buyers High Number of Prospective Buyers Value of Accurate Pricing: Attracting Buyers 5%-20% Above
Market Value 5%-20% Below
Market Value +/- Fair
Market Value YOU Can Control: Condition



Availability WE Can Control: Exposure


Promotion NO ONE Can Control: Location
Real Estate Market Conditions
Economic Conditions
Interest Rates
Competition Value of Accurate Pricing: Time On Market Weeks on The Market Percent of Original Price 5.9% Host Open Houses
Listing Obtaining the Highest Possible Price The Result you want is a Successful Sale: Minimizing the Inconvenience to You Selling in the Least Amount of Time
Maintenance - Fix those broken items you've been neglecting. It's a great way to show that the property has been cared for - potential buyers will notice.

Declutter - Store personal items away. It's important for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home.

Updates - Don't let low cost cosmetic items hold your home back from selling. Painting, Lighting and Floor coverings are items that make a difference to potential buyers. It requires a solid plan, experience, and good communication. Achieving those results is no accident: It requires recognizing which factors: NO ONE can control
YOU can control
WE can control Categorized as such... Andrea Schneider has the
Experience You Deserve,
and the Flexibility You Want,
to achieve the Results You Need.
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