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Christopher Denny

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Nanotechnology

- With help of Nanotechnology it is now possible to create and modify objects and electronics in a more specific way which allows us to enhance quality.
- Nanobots could prove useful when it comes to surgeries. It would boost the accuracy and speed of surgeries and help us to overcome more fatal diseases in our time.
- The research of Nanotechnology is very expensive and difficult to manufacture.
- Because of the smart miniature size of the Nanoparticles, accidental inhalation of the particles could easily occur and could prove harmful.





EPA's Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention Office

What is Nanotechnology?

For the idea of manipulating matter to the nano-size to develop took a long time because it was an idea that didn’t seem doable.
December 29, 1959
: On December 29, 1959, physicist
Richard Feynman
start with a talk entitled “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” at a meeting at the California Institute of Technology. This is where the idea of being able to manipulate and control individual atoms and molecules to improve its structure.
It wasn’t until the 1980's that the definition of ”nano-scale” was introduced by
Dr. K. Eric Drexler
who promoted nanotechnology in his speeches and books

Ever since the beginning of the human race, humans have viewed the world as how we see things, in other words, we have seen thing and interpreted as easily observed. We saw a tree as a tree, we saw hair as hair, and we saw the sky as a huge blue place. We never really thought about what could be within these things, what they consist of. This has now changed due to the development and exploration of science.

EPA is a big corporation which partly develops nanotechnology and evaluates unique properties which are later used in the manufacturing part. Their main goal is to develop nanotechnology which could protect our health and our environment.
Some materials which EPA researches on:
Nano Silver
- Most common within the medical department because of its antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties.
Carbon Nanotubes
- The most used material for research which is used for structural composites for vehicles or sports equipment, coatings, textiles, polymers, plastics.

SI-Units are the most popular measuring unit which are used by the majority of the world. The basic SI-Units are the following...
Metre, used for calculating length.
Kilogram, used for calculating mass.
Second, used for calculating time.
Ampere, used for calculating electric current.
Kelvin, used for calculating temperature.
Candela, used for calculating luminosity intensity.
Mole, used for calculating amount of substance.

Medical Usage of Nanotechnology
SI-Units Basics
The next step into the future
Christoper Denny & Felix Havlind
Gold Nanoparticles
Nanotechnology in the past
Beautiful work becomes something special
: One widely and common work of art were the designs of church windows across Europe. Little did they know that these works of art for them would eventually turn out to be something they did not know existed.
Gold glass
: Gold glass paint contained nanoparticles able to produce by-products such as carbon dioxide when sunlight shines through. This is done because when gold, in nanoparticle size, is affected by heat from the sunlight

When was Nanotechnology discovered?
What is Nanotechnology?

Digging deeper to the nanometer
: The nanometer is one billionth of a meter, which to clarify how small that really is, the length of a typical bacteria is 200 nanometers, and the diameter of a strand of DNA is 2 nanometers. To put it into a much easier perspective, an ant is as long as 4,000,000 nanometers long.

Modify and Manipulate
: Researchers and scientist have discovered how to modify and manipulate matter like never before, now having an increase exponential surface area to work on. We have just begun the start of nanotechnology and have just realized it potential power of creating and reshaping our future.

Inventions produced with the help of Nanotechnology
The Paper Battery
- A new piece of technology that researchers in New York have made. This is a battery pack with paper like aspects. Could be used as battery packs for bendable items as well as being lightweight for better portability for inventions such as flexible mobiles and such.
Carbon Nanotubes
- Carbon atoms modified in cylindrical molecular carbon tubes which enhances strength and effectiveness.
Damascus Steel
- Steel that contains carbon nanotubes. Blades made from it could supposedly cut through stone or metal.
Invisibility cloak
- Scientists are using nanotechnology to create an invisibility cloak. This is done by using nanotubes to bend light around objects so that the naked human eye is unable to see the reflected light, creating the sense of invisibility.
Bulletproof Business Suit
- The bulletproof business suit is made using nanotechnology by using carbon nanotubes in the fabric to make a hardened material that is stab-resistant and stop 9mm bullets. This is the same material that is used in Kevlar vests designed for US troops in Iraq
Cancer Cure
- Nanotech scientists believe that they could cure cancer if they were able to mount the anti-cancer drugs onto nanoparticales, the particles could target the specific cancer cells without causing any harm to the harmless cells.
Nano Plaster
- Researchers have developed a plaster with the help of nanotechnology that uses nano grooves that accelerate wound healing. This is done by sending the natural healing medicine you get from the body and send them through the grooves down the direction that the cells were wounded.
Heart Attack Sensor
- A heart attack sensor chip that could detect a heart attack before it even happens is now being researched. The sensor as small as a grain of sand and is placed in the bloodstream by injecting it into the arm where it then flows down to the fingertips and embeds itself.
Eye Surgery Microbot
Eye surgery will be much more efficient and easier just because of this development. This type of eye surgery includes a microbot that performs surgery as well as brings and implements drugs and medicine.
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