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No description

clayton hall

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Title

Ice cream job

Purpose we are eating ice cream to try and find out if eating ice cream every night to see if it gives us night mares.
eating ice cream before you go to bed could cause night mares because it causes a shift in the brain which might causes night mares
Research summary
levi king,cadyn driesbaugh,claytonhall,andrewhutchison
ice cream, spoon, bowl
1.we will have to get bowls 2.we will have to get some spoons 3.we will have to get choclate ice cream 4.we will have to have a controll 5. then we will make a prezi 6.then will see what are hypothesis
independent variable:
the amount of ice cream.
dependent variable:how bad the night mares.
clayton had no night mares
through 4 days.levi had no night
mares for 4 days.cadyn had no night mares for 4 days.so eating ice does not cause night mares

we guese if we eat ice cream before bed we will have night mares
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