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Group Of Seven

No description

Aditi Kapil

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Group Of Seven

Group Of Seven By: Aditi Kapil 7F
Biographical Information
Born: October 23, 1885 in Brantford, Ontario into a wealthy, conservative and religous family

Childhood: Harris had a lot of privilege in his youth. which made him able to concentrate on his painting

Education/Jobs: At the age of 19 Harris travelled to Germany, where he then studied for 3 years. He then returned home at the age of 22 and tought musketry at Camp Borden, Ontario (this is where I go during FTX's in Army Cadets)

Death: January 29, 1970 (age 84) in Vancouver, British Columbia
This is a picture of his famous artwork
Artists that make up the group of seven
Franklin Carmichael
Lawren Harris
A.Y. Jackson
Franck Johnston
Arthur Lismer
J.E.H. McDonald
Frederick Varley
How did they meet?
The Group Of Seven met as fellow employes in the Design Firm Grip Ltd.
Interesting Facts
What did he like to paint?

This is Lawren Harris
Where and When was the group formed?
Where: The group of seven got it's name at Harris's house.
When: In Toronto in 1920
Lawren Harris's house
Lawren Harris painted with lots of details but used little colour. He painted town scenes, industrial subjects like gas storage tanks, landscapes, urban scenes like houses and he painted portraits aswell.
what inspired Lawren Harris to paint?
Lawren Harris got inspired for painting from his close friend J.E.H. McDonald (group of seven painter) which mde him start his amazing career. He is now know as "The Leader" of the group of seven.
North Shore of Lake Superior
My Opinion
I like lawren's work because I like how he used intensed light, brilliant colors and how he paints with lots of details but used little colors for his paintings.
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