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Green project.(reusable coffee filters)

No description

delia natomagan

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of Green project.(reusable coffee filters)

Green project.(reusable coffee filters)
facts about coffee
Coffee is served internationally, with one third of the worlds population consuming it. It ranks as the most popular processed beverage.
Coffee is the most effective during 9:30am and 11:30am
The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee everyday.
Coffee beans aren't beans they are fruit pits.
The Principles of Green Chemistry.
waste other than cleaning it up after it has happened.
Less hazardous chemicals
: where practicable, synthetic methods should be designed to use & generate substances that passes little or no toxicity to human health & the environment.
use renewable feedstock
: a raw material of feedstock should be renewable rather than depleting whenever practicable.
inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention
: Being more safe with chemicals to prevent accidents.

Our product is used for any type of coffee machine.
Our products come in all different sizes.
for every 10 coffee filters that are purchased we will plant 1 tree.
The plastic that we use for wrapping the product is biodegradable.
These coffee filters are washable
Our product isn't messy like any other product. You can simply put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand.
There is a major cost difference you will be paying around $5-$60 just for one of our products and our products last 3-5 years.
You can get 150 coffee filters for $47.. when you multiply it by 15 that is how much money you'll be spending for the next 5 years and that number is $705.
Reusable coffee filters
Why do you want this?
Our coffee filters
Lyocell a form of rayon that
consists of cellulose fibre made from dissolving pulp (bleached wood pulp) using dry jet-wet spinning.
Coffee Filters
Coffee Filters usually cost $34.64 for a pack of 250
Every single day there is about 587,000,000 cups of coffee made in the world (around 250-300 million coffee filters used per day)
if everyone was using reusable coffee filters you'd be saving a lot of money every year. ($791per/year)
Regulations or restrictions on companies marketing product as "green"
marketers who say "non-toxic" must prove that the product is non-toxic.
when marketers say products are "free-of" an ingredient, it means the product doesn't have any more than a harmless trace of it- & the product is free of any other ingredient that poses the same kind of risk
if a company says it's product or package is 'degradable' it should have proof that the product will completely break down & return to nature within' a year.
companies can say a product is recyclable or can use the universal recycling symbol if most people who buy it can recycle it but that doesn't assure that you'll be able to recycle it where you live.
Our coffee filters vs. Normal coffee filters
Paper coffee filters are made from crepe paper. the raw materials (pulp) for the filter paper are coarse long fiber, often from fast growing trees. both bleached and unbleached qualities are made.
in our filters we use Lyocell as shown below.
Delia, Shayna & Lindon...
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