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Endangered Animals

No description

Julie Beabout

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals What is an Endangered Specie? Do you recognize these animals? How Can You Help?! What causes animals to become endangered? Videos of Endangered Animals Some Quick Facts! Siberian Tiger Species that are endangered of becoming extinct Amur Leopard you guess! Conserve Habitats Pictures of Endangered
Animals You see some of these animals in the zoo to keep them protected! By:
Julie, Bianca, Rachel More of these species die than are born. a. Habitat loss
b. Competition
c. Pollution
d. Disease This makes the population decrease and not grow! Actually, all of these are causes What do you think? Giant Panda Make space for wildlife Polar Bear Ask your parents not to use harmful chemicals! Are any of these animals
your Favorite? Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!!! Ivory Billed Wood Pecker Take public transportation, walk or ride bikes Get involved in an organization to HELP!
-ASPCA Andean Bear Humans are one of the main causes for animals to becoming extinct! Unfortunately, they are endangered There are 2,270 endangered species livining in U.S territories It is ILLEGAL to kill, harm, or take any of these animals out of their habitats Drill What are Endangered Animals Andean Flamingo
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