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The Flying Machine

No description

Julie Park

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of The Flying Machine

The Flying Machine
By: Ray Bradbury
genre: historic fiction
The conflict between the protagonist, the flier and the antagonist, emperor Yuan is that the emperor doesn't like the new invention that the flier made, which was the flying machine. The emperor thinks that it can get into the wrong hands and that the person would destroy The Great Wall Of China.
Conflict/Inciting Incident

The servant of the Emperor, sees the flier flying in the flying machine. The servant tells the emperor of what he saw, and the emperor tells him to bring the flier. After the servant brings the flier, the emperor has a little conversation and then Emperor Yuan brings the executioner to execute the flier. The emperor tells him to chop off the flier's head and burn his body and flying machine. The flier begs for his life but...
Rising Action
The executioner buries the ashes of the flier and flying machine in a hole.
Falling Action
The emperor tells the servant to pretend none of this happened and that it was all a dream. Emperor Yuan didn't want anyone to know about the flying machine so that people don't build them. The emperor threatens the servant that if word gets out about the flying machine, the servant and the farmer will both get executed in less than a hour.
We think the theme of this story is that the good inventions can lead to a bad thing.
The emperor states "Some other man who, seeing you, will build a thing of bright papers and bamboo like this. But the other man will have an evil face and an evil heart, and the beauty will be gone. It is this i fear." Even though this really didn't happen, it can and the emperor doesn't want it to happen, so it leads to him killing the flier.
Rad Bradbury is an author of many books. For example, The Flying Machine,
The Veldt, A Sound of Thunder, Fahrenheit 451, and many more. He was born on August 22, 1920 in Waukegan Illinois. He was an American fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery fiction author.
About Ray Bradbury
Setting and Time
The setting of the story took place in China, early in the morning, at around A.D. 400. We know that it took place in the morning because the emperor says "The air is sweet this morning." and in the story it says " Early on the morning of the first day of the first week..." In the story it states "In the year A.D. 400..."
The executioner chopped off the fliers head, and burns the flying machine and the body.
About the characters
The flier is the protagonist in this story. He is the inventor of the flying machine and he tries to convince the emperor to not kill him, by asking him questions and tells the emperor to let him go.
Emperor Yuan is the "antagonist" in this story. He is a very wise man and thinks before his actions.He would think deep into the cause and effects of how the flying machine can effect China. Emperor Yuan think of good ideas to kill the flier and ends up killing him.
The Main Characters are...
The side characters are...
The servant is the one who brings the flier to the emperor. He does whatever the emperor says and if he doesn't, it will effect his life.
The executioner is the one who kills the flier and burns the flying machine. He also must listen to the emperor and i her doesn't it can also effect his life.

Emperor Yuan
In the short story The Flying Machine the characters are...
The flier (protagonist)
Emperor Yuan (antagonist)
Emperor's servant
The executioner

The Short Story Prezi
By: Riah Han and Julie Park
7H Ms kim

The Servant
Emperor Yuan
most popular book..
These are more of Ray Bradbury's short stories
story book
We hope you enjoyed our prezi
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