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Business Case Beau Luxury

No description

Friederike Emrich

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Business Case Beau Luxury

Return on Data
40.000 customers
increased revenue and reduced costs through Customer Data Management
= Total Yearly Benefit
3.377.880 €
cost per catalogue:
2 €
= 480.000 € p.a.
people move
street names change
city names change
7 % of all catalogues don't reach the customers
manufacturer of luxurious handbags
20. 000 active customers
customer approach via emails & high grade mail order
catalogues & emails per month
Uniserv 360 Customer View°
propose the right product

at the right time
to the right customers
with the right address
time savings
with Uniserv Solutions

mail order and emailing campaigns
result in 2 full-time employee costs
2 FTE = 60.000 €
cost savings

reduction of manually compiled work

Uniserv 360° Customer View
social media
call center
web shop
all available customer information
from all data sources
consolidated in a single record
address data
purchaising behaviour
behavioural data
purchaising history
social media
50 % time saving
30.000 € cost savings
a personal communication means better service and satisfied customer
Entire savings through Uniserv Solutions

24.000 €
Uniserv solutions ensure validated, up-to-date, high-quality customer information
Reduce the mailing errors from 7% to 2% through
improved customer data:

24.000 €
Increase response

of active customers 1%
of inactive customers & prospects by 0,5 %
= 200.000 €
extra profit
increase revenue and reduce costs - with Uniserv

correct addresses save money
revenue: 4.500.000 €
+ 200.000 € extra profit
= 254.000 €
Better Data. Better Business.
cost of mailing errors
avoiding mailing errors
30.000 €
reduction of manually
compiled work
54.000 €
reduction of mailing errors
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