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Seven Heavenly Virtues

No description

luke seyfert

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Seven Heavenly Virtues

Seven Heavenly Virtues
By: Tori Hackman, Linden Bennetch,
Ben Burkhart, and Luke Seyfert.

Consisted of:
courtly love
refraining from intoxicants
courage and boldness
Opposite deadly sin: Lust
("Mean Girls Peer Health.")
Consists of:
Good Work Ethic
Guarding Against Laziness
Upholding Self-Convictions
Opposite Deadly Sin: Sloth
Helping others or the world in general
Benevolent giving
Greatest of the three theological virtues
Love in its most basic form
Opposite of the Deadly Sin Greed
Personal Restraint and Promotion of Moderation
Opposite Deadly Sin: Gluttony
Appeared later than the opposing Seven Deadly Sins.
The Seven Heavenly Virtues were created from the idea of the Four Cardinal Virtues from the ancient Greek philosophy.
Appeared in an epic poem, "Psychomachia"
Sometimes referred to as the contrary virtues.
Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Kindness, Humility, and Patience.
Temperance Movement- movement to ban alcohol
("Temperance Movement.")

Opposite Deadly Sin: Pride
("Medieval British Studies")
The Psychomachia
Aurelius Prudentius Clemens
Literally translates to The Battle of the Spirits.
Diligence ------------------> Sloth
Chastity --------------------> Lust
Patience -------------------> Wrath
Humility --------------------> Pride
Temperance --------------> Gluttony
Charity ---------------------> Greed
Kindness ------------------> Envy

Prohibition was influenced by temperance, the women's party that supported prohibition
was known as the Women's Christian Temperance Union.
Patience is the act of enduring the struggles in life and being able to get through them.
Opposite Deadly Sin: Wrath

Morality Plays
Usually allegorical
Struggle of good versus evil
Virtues and Vices face off
Main protagonist represents all of man-kind
Named for their characteristics
Vices usually extremely real characters
Virtues are unreal
Patience is needed for writing poetry.
The Pilgrim's Progress
Romance of the Rose
The Divine Comedy
Ordo Virutum
Sympathy towards others
A Mild Disposition
Opposite Deadly Sin: Envy
Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said that the ability to wait for a great idea for a poem, rather than making up a bad poem quickly, is what separates experienced poets from the amateur poets.
("Temperance Movement.")
("Patience Art.")
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