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career shadow

No description

Samantha Allemang

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadow

My day as a mechanic at Suncoast Automotive Group!- Samantha Allemang I shadowed Chase Grants, he is 18 and goes to UTI. The purpose of the
company was to fiw up
cars to get
them ready to sell. In 15 years this company
will be in the same place
but maybe more cars, better
cars, different employees,
and more money. The employability skills that this job needs are time management, cleanliness, they need to be orderly, nice personality, and follow dress code. The average salary for a mechanic is 45-60K per year! This company uses computers and electronic tools. They need to be kind, clean, well groomed, and socialy able.
I would definately consider pursuing this career, because working with cars interests me and i like the employees. I like working on the cars most but i disliked the area the business was located in.
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