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Round Table Presentation PLP 2012

No description

Brodie Ireland

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Round Table Presentation PLP 2012

By Brodie Ireland Round Table Presentation
PLP 2012 Goals for 2013 Achievements First Year of High School My Future In the future I am going to be
either an electrical engineer or an electrician. I would like to get an apprenticeship with my dad seeing he is an electrician and also because i think i would learn a lot quicker. It would also be really fun and good to work with dad seeing I haven't spent much time with him the past four years. Before that I would really like to play AFL for any team because i love Aussie Rules footy. I hope to get to that stage by keeping up my fitness and football skills. To be an electrician/ electrical engineer i need to do electronics, digital media and CAD for year 9. I will find out the futher
paths in PLP next year. My achievements are;
Getting most improved 2011 at my footy club
Getting in finals for footy 2012
Winning the Grand Final in Cricket for 2011/2012
Making SAPSASA for Hockey and Cricket 2011
Completed Surf Safety 1. From year 7 to High School it was a bit shaky
at first but after the first term i was all settled in.
I like the lessons at high school a lot better then Primary School in the fact that you have more time in a lesson to finish tasks. The teachers know a lot more and I think I have learned a lot more with these teachers. It was good coming into the school with heaps of friends from primary school so then i didn't feel too scared because they were there with me. Citizenship. On Saturday mornings i umpire year 2/3 school
football with the local primary schools. I have to teach the kids the rules of the game. I think i benefit from this because i get to communicate with new people. I have to go out to trainings on Monday nights 5 o'clock to 7 o'clock. We get reminded of the rules and how we have to treat the kids. I got selected to umpire at half time of the crows game at Aami Stadium. to complete High School successfully. to concentrate more in class. Personal Development. Home Ec- Learnt the basic safety rules
for the kitchen. How to Sew safely.

German- Basic German language and numbers. Learning Work Communication Subjects for year 9. In year 9 for my electives i chose-
CAD, Electronics, P.E, Digital Media A, Woodwork and Plastics Maths- Algebra; didn't quite get the
whole algebra thing and now it's heaps easy for me from Ms. B teaching me.
Confidence- I feel like since I've started high school, it's been a lot easier to talk to new people.
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