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Teching Up Your Teen Programming

No description

LuCinda Gustavson

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Teching Up Your Teen Programming

When you haven't got a clue!
What is it?
Raspberry Pi 2
256 MB RAM
2 USB Ports

4 USB Ports
What to Buy?
Less is more
Raspberry pi unit
power source
MicroSD card
Case (preferable clear)
HDMI cable
WiFi dongle (optional)
What to Scrounge?
HDMI Adapter
Not all power strips
are created equal
Need 2 outlets for each station
3 if using speakers
The large plug-in ends may cover adjacent outlets.
LuCinda Gustavson
Teen Librarian
Kristen Curé
Latino Liaison Librarian
Fun projects
Setting It All Up
Useful to have a projector or large TV monitor
Internet or WiFi connection
Large -vs- small room
Number & distance to outlets
Lots of extension cords
Mats to cover the cords
Have extras of everything
because something will not work.
Give yourself extra time to set up- something will go wrong
Do a dry run to test all of the equipment
Format the SD cards
Follow the instructions
Yes, you have to do it all
Downloading the software
Number the SD cards
What is it?
What to Buy
What to Scrounge
Anything that might conduct electricity!
What to Do
What is it?
What to buy?
Once again, less is more
What to do
What do we do?
Teching Up Your
Teen Programs

program other games with
Free resources & tutorials
Program Minecraft with python
it's all free!
sound editing with audacity
make something with scratch
make a game
play games
python games
you can find almost anything!
don't forget!
Programming projects need more than one session
Save work on SD cards
Remember who saved on which SD cards
Musical keyboards & game controllers of all types
Life size Operation
Human Circuit
3-d Drawing
light up the night
Easy Tech with very little tech
and you haven't got much money!
The Pis
The Space
The Time
Invite a techie to volunteer
Consecutive days are better than once a week or once a month
Label the SD cards!
Tutorials for simple projects are awesome!
Volunteers for more complicated programming projects are even better!
flash does not work on Raspberry Pi
program your own with Scratch
ready to go projects on
click on "x-types: cheap LEDs
What to buy
Step by step instructions
Clearly written
Free online tutorials
Play in your program
Buy 2- one to circulate and one to keep.
Musical Steps
Balloon piano
Singing Christmas Tree
Tech up your teen programs!
Spend little $
Look smart
Get your hands dirty
Have fun!
Raspberry Pi 1
Afunta 3D Pen
$ 59.90
Extra Filament
How does it work?
YALSA Teen Tech Week Grant
220 linear feet in 11 colors
Light up ninja warriors
LuCinda Gustavson lgustavson@springfield-or.gov
Kristen Curé kcure@springfield-or.gov

train teens to teach classes
a paid internship
9 training sessions
teens each 5 classes
youth driven
adult mentors & career exploration
expand your tech workshops into an ongoing program & reach a wider audience
Teens create all parts
Electrical Engineering:
Software Engineering:
creating the complete circuits with found materials to make the Makey Makey work
using Scratch to write a program to use with the Makey Makey
creating the game pieces with the 3-D pen
3-d Pen
LuCinda Gustavson lgustavson@springfield-or.gov
Kristen Curé kcure@springfield-or.gov
Extra equipment needed to record sound
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