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Physics Presentation

No description

Katiana Pepito

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Physics Presentation

Athletic Shoes Impacts on the Society Athletic shoes are important because they provide high end footwear for all types of athletes Impacts on the Environment Material production: Athletic Shoes Improvement Designers and engineers for different types of athletic shoes are mainly focused on improving its durability and comfort.

For example: running shoes- improving the inner lining of the shoe
pointe shoes- improving support and flexibility

And finally, the materials can be further improved by using environmentally-friendly materials Pointe Shoes Structure & Function The design and engineering behind athletic shoes generally take into account the several aspects such as performance, materials used, safety, aesthetics, ergonomics, and life-span. However, it is hard to find a balance because of the different foot types. For dancers (ballet), specifically for pointe technique the only force acting on the body are the downward force of gravity and the opposite upward force The function of pointe shoes is to provide the dancers support and protection while enhancing their performance The perks of pointe shoes is that it requires significantly less force to turn due to the small amount of friction acting upon it No, athletic shoes don't harm anyone however it can cause minor injuries benefits athletes and people involved in the design, construction, transportation and disposal Natural and Synthetic Materials
i.e. petroleum-based synthetic materials contains toxic substances that can be harmful to the environment such as polyester
i.e. leather tanning releases chromium and other harmful chemical into the environment Shoe Manufacturing All depends on the materials required with the exception of shoes such as ballet pointe shoes (mostly made by hand) Disposal Athletic shoes can be harmful to the environment unless recycling can be done at home Satin, suede, poron cellular eurothane (shock absorbing cushioning)
Outsoles are usually made of carbon rubber, which is hard, or blown rubber a softer type, By Chloe Navarro and Katiana Pepito The End :]
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