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The Technology Pro

The description about my own company =D

Ricky Chau

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Technology Pro

All the thing about us The Technology Pro History Of US Since 1919 The Begining Of
the League Begining Raise up Now The Begining OF The Begining The technology Pro Inc. already have 93 years history since 1919 And the future The establisher The establisher of T.T.P. Is Birth on 1919. The forth mouth after WW - I Yup, He is my granba 1936 Johnson finish his High school years And Started His university years on Studying Quantum Mechanics And his name is Johnson Chauvin 1939 Johnson finish his bachelor In september, 1939 And He decide not keep going to the Master, He setup a Laboratories with his friend And call it A perture science Laboratories 1941 The second years Aperture science Begin, they already have a huge break Threw in Quantum mechanics. They discover Nuclear After they get the Nobel Prize for that They keep studying Borderline Science 1941 December, 8 U.S.A Join the Allies. The mean U.S.A. Official Join the WW - II 1941 December, 23 Johnson get his X'mas present Government from the The government give a Large amount of money to Support Aperture Science Also provided a Giant - cave under Lincoln Co. For building a larger Laboratories And the military set there to be restricted area and Call it: Area 51 1942 November 18 The aperture science Laboratories Fully finish constrection It using 225745 workers work 24/7 for totally 330 days More info The Laboratories the Aperture Science second Laboratories , is a Super Giant-Stricture under Lincln co. 653.4 meter, it like a box and fill up with cube. The whole"box"is 5.86 KM Height, 315.4 KM long and 50 KM width, and build with Muti-Layer armor that can protect the Laboratories attack by the nuclear weapon from outside and also any kind of explosion happen inside the Laboratories. It take total 200 thousand people working 24 hrs for 320 day. 1945 June 18 The Successor of The Aperture science Laboratories birth. 1942 - The Revolution 1945 The Revolution After Aperture science second Laboratories is fully wo- rking the first project coming from government it is the most thing johnson didn't want to do while they discover Nuclear,That is nuclear weapon. Johnson didn't accept this project when he know US are going to use the nuclear weapon in WW - II, but he know that this laboratories is supported by government so finally, he accept do work on the nuclear weapon, but Also he request the government to sign a act of rights to decide the research item without affect the support from the government, the government sign it after put two addition to the act 1) This act become effective in 1975 2) When the world war happen again during the war the act won't effect since 1945 Raising up The Successor of Aperture science is call The Successor In 1961, NASA Launch the first Prospector and In fact this is a classify information The Technology Pro Ben chauvin He is birth in 1945 June, 18 . He is studying Aerospace in University while he was only 16 And he finish it while he was 23, and join the Aperture science Space science department And working on the project that partner with NASA : Project Apollo Project Apollo we can't publish until 2019 But we can still publish the information That owned by T.T.P. & Aperture Science Inc. NASA start discovery the secret of the moon. Only the first day start loop around the moon, they find something In the backside of the moon since 1985 & 1996 Now:) since 2012 Future MAIN The Product ARC Reactor The TOOLs I.M.B. International Moon Base After the raise up, 1985 November 18 the present post CEO of The Technology pro BIRTH. He finish his university master degree In 2001, and join the The Technology pro after October. 1996 February 12 the present post SEVP BIRTH. He finish his High school degree while he was only 14. Then he start keep study in The technology pro, and create the main product High-output Power suit -- The tool What happen next ? let find out together ;) Guard They find some kind of crystal behind the moon. Then NASA start working on sending people to moon and bring it back After they got the first simple, they send it to aperture science to study it. And aperture science setup a new department call The Technology, and focus working on the crystal After 6 years of studying they find that the crystal can provide energy for a long time In last 1980, The Technology department from Aperture science separate out. And become a attachment company, and having their own factory without staying in Aperture science And they start studying and provide product basic on acr reactor What I need to DO ? Before that you should ask - How we run ? Wait ..... Scientist Just do what ever you think it is POSSIBLE Testers Test the subject & HAVE FUN If it work If it not work Manufacture Make it more Make it better Make it cheaper PUBLISH But ..... How to work !? Like this ? How to buy our product ? 1) Go to our Shop and buy it 2) Order in our website www.thecakeisalie.com 3) Or go to the aperture science underground Laboratories if you can get in without get kill <3 Policies Apartment Policies Education Policies Unlimited Food Policies Computer Policies Working Environment Nice question. Can I say ... GIANT ? Freedom ? Last, Thank you for working in T.T.P. & Aperture Sci. Ricky chauvin Here Have a Good Day No information provided GlaDos
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