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career shadowing tot turf

career shadowing Brenden

casadie rolstad

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing tot turf

i career shadowed my brother Brenden. He works for Tot Turf, he is the crew manager Tot Turf is a saftey surface for kids playgrounds. instead of concrete or moltch it is rubber. Everybody is in their own crew and each crew does a diffrent job, my mentor's job is crew manager and he makes sure that everyone in his crew is doing their job and doing it the right way. my mentor three specific task done daily are
1. measure job site
2.caculate how much material is going to be needed.
3.prepare tools needed. salary annual-$38,000
salary monthly-$2,500
salary week-$650-700 rules be on time If not on time the job could not get done on the time needed to be done. Follow companys procedure for instalment, and only the companys procedure. that way job gets done fast and the right way. this isnt a rule but it would help to be physically fit. If you dont follow the rules you will get 3 warnings after 3 warning you meet with the general manager and they then deciede if you will be fired. technology used is cellphones. they use cell phones to tell each other any news or updates about the job, computer to check weather, and navigation systems to find the job. hours vary it depends who needs the saftey surface and how long the job takes, and if the weather effects how long the job takes. education needed is CPR, heat exhaustion training, forklift license, saftey training, driver license. next advancement would be either installation supervisor or be the manager over whole job. Tot Turf in the next 15 years will probally be expanding by doing more jobs in diffrent states, so far my mentor has done jobs in miami, california, las vegas, and orlando. Also at universal the simpsons ride when you first enter the long tounge on krusty is a job that Tot Turf put in and my mentor worked on.
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