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2018 iPad Presentation

No description

Travis Cartwright

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of 2018 iPad Presentation

Technology is an integral part of Teaching and Learning at Echuca Primary School. To maintain a one to one device for students, we will be continuing a Bring Your Own iPad (BYOI) Program in years 3, 4, 5 & 6 in 2018.
In 2018 your child will be required to bring their own iPad to school ensuring digital technology is at their fingertips.
iPads can be a powerful and effective teaching tool. It does need to be used wisely in the classroom setting with curriculum in mind. It is a tool that will help the school deliver its eLearning vision:
Echuca Primary School community will make collaborative choices about how they use Digital Technologies to learn, teach, problem solve and achieve goals anywhere, anytime by embedding technology across the curriculum to achieve maximum impact.

2018 iPad Program
2018 BYOI Parent Information Session

Technical Support
The school provides some technical support for iPads.

Students will seek technical support through their classroom teacher for app installing and Network. (Depending on capacity)

All warranty issues are to be addressed through individual suppliers.

Student Responsibility
Students must also ensure that the iPad:
* Is fully charged – students will not have access to charging facilities at school
* Has its cover on
* Has the required school apps installed.

Storage and Apps
Parents should have an iTunes account for the iPad. All school apps are managed through separate iTunes accounts

A minimum of 4Gb of space must remain available for school use.

SCHOOL BASED APPS: These will be purchased and installed by the School

· Pages (Apple’s version of Word)
· Keynote (PowerPoint)
· Numbers (Excel)
· iMovie
· iBooks
· Inspiration Maps
· Calculator for iPad Free
· Sumdog
· Book Creator
· Edmodo
· Explain Everything
These are just examples - Apps change each year.

Why iPads
* Already popular (students, teachers, families)
* Technical Capabilities
* Ease of use
* Range of Apps

Cyber Safe!
* 32/64GB iPad model recommended
* Apple online store 12 months interest free
* Other retailers that offer interest free terms

Smartmove Echuca (Leading Edge) offer Education Pricing:


Code - 208

All iPads will be registered with the school.
This registration will include a record of:
Student’s name
Student’s class
iPad serial number
iPad Name
iPad Wi-Fi Address
School and Department Filtering System does not allow access to Social Networks.
Read and sign the Acceptable Use Agreement
Read and sign the iPad User Agreement
A process is in place for any breach of these agreements
Students are responsible for their own school bags / belongings (including iPads) until classrooms are open (usually 8.30am)
When students arrive, they must:
* Take their iPads and place them in their designated storage space.
* Not leave their school bag / iPad unattended before or after school.
* Access iPads in transit (school ground, bus etc)

Insurance is the responsibility of the owner.
DEECD policy, bringing any personal belongings,
including iPads, to school is at the owner’s risk.

Incidents are extremely rare!


Student Responsiblity
It is highly recommended that parents make us of the
Restrictions in the Settings of an iPad to maintain control
of what your child is using.
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