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"Tangled" Movie Plot Diagram

No description

Alycia Macedo

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of "Tangled" Movie Plot Diagram

"Tangled" Movie Plot Diagram
The Exposition
-Characters:Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's "mom"
-Setting: a kingdom
-Intial conflict: Rapunzel wants to go see the floating lights, but her mom doesn't want her to
Rising Action
-Rapunzel asks to see lights for birthday, but mom says no
-Flynn Rider comes across Rapunzel's tower
-Flyyn agrees to taking Rapunzel to see the lights, in exchange to get his crown back
Rising Action Cont.
-Rapunzel and Flynn get chased by royal police, Flynn's enemies, and Maximus
-Flynn finds out about Rapunzel's healing
-They reach the kingdom, and she finally sees the lights
The Climax
-Her mom tricks Rapunzel to think that Flynn betrayed her
-Rapunzel realizes she is the lost princess; her "mom" tricked her and used her hair to stay young
-Flynn reaches the tower, but is
Falling Action
-Flynn cuts her hair, and the "mom" parishes
-Flynn is healed by Rapunzel's tears
-Rapunzel finally reunites with her real parents
-The kingdom rejoices as their lost princess was returned
-Flynn and Rapunzel get engaged

Rapunzel (main character)
protagonist & dynamic
Thoughts:show us that she's strong and outgoing (indirect) Effect: She changes Flynn by changing his path and who he was from being a theif (indirect) She helped by shaping each character;if she wasn't there
Flynn Rider (main character)
Actions: His actions are what gave way to finding Rapunzel(direct)
Looks:he looks like he wouldn't change his personality easliy (stubborn & simple) (direct) His actions shaped the theme
Gothel "mom" (supporting)
Effects: she effected everything that involves Rapunzel(direct)
Actions: prevents Rapunzel to leave the tower;tricks her(direct) Her tricks have impacted Rapunzel by driving her away
Theme of the story
The theme of the story is to find courage to follow your dream, and to find a path towards selfnesses & self-sacrifice
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