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NCIS Case Study


Ella Woodcock

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of NCIS Case Study

TV Crime Drama NCIS Case Study Representation & Promotion Promotion Articles Promotion Abby Scuito Style NCIS TV Crime Drama NCIS Information NCIS Information General Information I believe that the difference between a TV crime drama and another programme on the same channel, is that TV crime drama's tend to be more fictional, and less believable meaning that they are less likely to truly occur. They involve mystery and this then engages the viewers, and makes them think about possible solutions. The unique plots and characters also draw the audience in, as they would not have seen anything with a similarity. -Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon)
Gibbs is a major, and central, character as the work tends to revolve around him.

-Ziva David (Cote de Pablo)
Ziva is a dynamic character, because she changed both mentally and physically after the event with her brother.

-Timothy McGee (Sean Murray)
McGee is a static character, as he doesn't seem to change throughout the series'.

-Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly)
Tony too is a static character. -I was unable to find any viewing figures for NCIS, but I believe this is because it is quite an old programme, and the episodes currently showing on TV are repeats.
-NCIS is shown on channel 5USA, and occasionally on channel 5*, at 6 o'clock every week-night.
-NCIS is located in Washington, D.C. Gibbs is the leader of a team of special agents under the team name of NCIS, standing for Naval and Criminal Investigative Service. Gibbs is a former marine and seems to control the majority of missions that approach the team. His second in command, Tony DiNozzo however can have his womanizing mind set on other things beside the mission at hand, and he's known for being the 'clown' of the group. Ziva was once a Mossad fighter, but joined NCIS as a skilled fighter after an incident involving family, and McGee is the computer savvy, geeky special agent, who is frequently mocked by DiNozzo. NCIS also has a gothic forensic scientist, Abby, and Ducky, the eccentric medical examiner. Abby, the forensic scientist of NCIS, has quite an original style. - NCIS follows Todorov's theory; the episodes starts, a problem occurs, they realize the problem, they try to fix everything and a new equilibrium appears.
- The episode where Ducky and Jimmy get kidnapped is a good example of this. However, the majority of the NCIS episodes follow Todorov's theory. - Reviews made by NCIS viewers all seem to be very positive.(See print-out) Reviews She wears dark clothing, and dark eye-make-up. This could match her Gothic personality, and her liking for darkness. More often than not, Abby will wear a studded 'choker' necklace. In my opinion, this adds a funky 'personality' to Abby's uniform ; a short black skirt, netted tights and knee high boots, with her lab coat over the top.; as if just what she was wearing wasn't quite enough to show who she really is, and that she looked too 'professional' without her added touch. It is clear to me that Abby doesn't mind what she wears around the NCIS team, as the are not judgmental people, so Abby just goes all-out and wears whatever it is she thinks is best. In addition, from what I often see Abby wearing; the short skirts, the low cut tops etc., it shows that she is perhaps quite young at heart, as you wouldn't usually see a 40 year old wear that sort of clothing, especially not for work. It also connotes that Abby has quite a childish, and perhaps naive, personality. Abby is portrayed as a bit of a wacky, funky character, having no relevant meaning to her style, or way of work. She shares whatever is on her mind, and isn't afraid to ask questions, especially not to Gibbs, her fatherly figure. - NCIS box-set DVD's are being sold worldwide. The DVD covers are not all exactly the same, but they all consist of the same fonts and all include pictures of the characters; -NCIS appeals to all age groups, as it draws both younger and older audiences in;
NCIS holds on the 8 PM time slot because it has age-appropriate material. While NCIS do investigate murders, nothing is extremely graphic. The drama is mixed with language and humor appropriate for most families with teens. Families can actually sit down and watch something together without worries or concern for influences.
Some shows try to appeal to different audiences by making major cast and story changes. NCIS has remained true to itself. While there have been cast changes, they all make sense to the storyline and have only improved the overall appeal of the show. NCIS sticks to a formula that has led them past 200 episodes. Sometimes change is great, sometimes it just means the show is at an end.
At any given time NCIS has numerous storylines going and evolving. For instance, those who love romance eagerly watch for when Tony and Ziva may hook up. Gibbs is constantly dealing with his own regret over his wife and child's deaths. Most of the storylines are stories people can relate to in some way. Abby seems to always have a big smile on her face, connoting that she is a happy person, and perhaps a little smug because she knows she has found something that is relevant to the investigation. The genre of NCIS would be drama, and the theme would be crime and investigative, right versus wrong. I believe that NCIS has a high productive value, as the quality of production, costumes and settings seem to have a great deal of attention paid to them, and this is clear when the series is programmed as I genuinely feel as though I am there, and am truly witnessing the events unfold. The setting in which NCIS has been produced, is as if it was completely spontaneous as each time we watch an episode, the place in which the crime has occured is different. However, the office building where NCIS is based stays the same. The costumes that the actors and actresses are seen wearing, are very modernized and 'fashionable', meaning that you could easily buy a replica of the outfit and dress similarly. Reviews are important, especially to new viewers. This is because they give slight information as to what the TV crime drama consists of, whether it has a love themed plot, or a revenge themed plot. It also allows the new viewers to see what other people think about the TV crime drama, and if there are more negative than positive reviews, then perhaps the viewer would think not to what it, and visa versa. Abby obviously takes pride in the way she looks, connoted from the attention to detail in her style, such as her bracelets, belt and make-up. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2009-04-07/entertainment/0904070192_1_ncis-michael-weatherly-love-story http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2007-05-22/features/0705180632_1_ncis-israeli-memorial-israeli-character Websites NCIS is shown on channel's 'alibi' for Sky viewers, and channel '5USA' for every other viewer. Therefore, the programme is featured on two different website also. Alibi is a very popular channel, as is 5USA. This means that a great deal of viewers are visiting the channel's website, allowing them to read through extra information about the crime drama, or allowing themselves to view various times of which the crime drama is shown. http://www.channel5.com/channels/5usa 5USA- http://alibi.uktv.co.uk/ Alibi- In addition, both of these websites are predominantly TV crime drama websites. DVD Covers Here are three examples of an NCIS DVD cover. They are all fairly different, however they all consist of the same fonts, and a picture/s of the characters. Having Gibbs positioned at the front of the shot clearly identifies him as the main character, or the most important, with all his collegues/partners positioned behind him, and they are less important than he is.
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