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The Story

No description

Stephen Bushi

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of The Story

The Story of Filipino Immigration
Ashley Peralta
Cuong Vuong
Marah Benjamin
Stephen Bushi

A proposal that would provide conditional residency to immigrants with good morals who graduate high school; arrived in U.S. as minors; and who have lived in the U.S for 5 years prior to the bills enactment. They would be granted temporary residency for 6 years; if they've either graduated college or served honorably in the military, they may be granted permanent residency.
DREAM Act Statistics
Approximately 1.76 million potentially eligible DREAMers as of August 2012.
Ages 18-21 and 25-30 are the largest groups of those who are part of the 72%.
Ages 12-14 from the 28% are the largest segment
800,000 currently enrolled in K-12
390,000 have high school diploma/GED
350,000 with no high school degree and not enrolled in any education.

DACA Statistics
As of August 2013, 48,000 applications have been filed under DACA
As of September 2013, over 29,000 cases were under review
3,615 applications coming from Philippines have been accepted to date
7,063 applications coming from Maryland

President Obama passed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals bill in order to allow certain undocumented youth to qualify for a temporary suspension of deportation and allows work authorization.
There are more undocumented immigrants from the Philippines than from any other Asian county! Although many are unaccounted from, data shows that there are more than 280,000 undocumented Filipinos.
Why does DACA directly affect Filipinos??
Implemented in the interest of egalitarianism
Signed with ignorant predictions
Set up for "chain migration"
"Family reunification puts the decision of who comes to America in the hands of foreigners," Graham says
Started as skill-preferred policy and turned into family reunification
Jose Antonio Vargas
Journalist, filmaker, immigration activist
Came to live with grandparents in the US when he was 12
Pursued interest in Journalism
"I am an American, I just don't have the right papers"
Baka Malamig Doon, It Might Be Cold There
Discussion: Is this an American value?
If so, why?
Peke Ba Ito? Is This Fake?
Discussion: Discuss the story of Lolo and his impact on Vargas
Lolo was a proud man. How do you think he felt about Vargas' status?
A Different Kind of Reality
How is this a Filipino issue? Why does being “invisible” make it difficult for Filipinos benefit from either the Dream Act or DACA
Valid for work only with I.N.S. Authorization
Going To Disneyland
Tago Ng Tago
How should Filipinos engage in the current immigration narrative?
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